Rum Barrels For Sale

Rum Barrels For Sale

Our rum barrels are made with brand new, white american oak. We add a medium char on our barrels to give a nice flavor for the rum during aging. We’ve found it’s the best combination for the flavoring after the aging.

Our rum barrels are distillery grade – which is the highest quality available on the market and what distilleries use in their manufacturing. You can have the power of a distillery now in your own home. Even our smaller sized barrels still are the same quality as the ones distilleries use.

Our rum barrels come in different sizes from small to large. The small barrels will age your  rum faster. If you’re a liquor aging pro, then the larger barrels may work best for you – but if you’re a beginner, you may want to try out a small rum barrel.

Why Our Rum Barrels Are The Best

Our barrels are made to give the best flavor to many types of liqour, rum included. While there are certainly many different types of ways to create a rum barrel – we’ve found the best combo for you to be able to age your rum at home with the best flavor outcome possible.

If you’ve had flavored rum or infused rum, you’ll know there’s a great benefit to aging rum in a barrel yourself.

We source our wood across the US from California, Missouri, and Kentucky and we only use brand new American white oak. Our medium char is what we regularly use on barrels – but we have different chars available.

If you’re looking to make a custom rum barrel order – we can make custom sizes, chars, and more – just give us a call, contact us, or visit us in person to place a special order.

We make sure every barrel is made to our high standard quality we’ve set, so you know you’re getting the best with every purchase from a veteran owned business.