Cigar Barrel Kits

Start infusing your cigars with your favorite liquor flavor right away. Each charred oak barrel has a beautiful finish. Just fill the spray bottle with the essence. Spray a few times in the barrel and put your cigars in then put the lid on it. You can choose from any of our essence flavors to add your favorite taste to your favorite smoke. Each kit includes the following:

Oak Cigar Barrel (choose size)
Humidity Beads
Liquor Essence (choose flavor)
Mist Sprayer
Instruction Card

Four sizes to choose from –

1 liter oak barrel is for short cigars with a maximum of about 4.5″ long or it works great for pipe or cigar tobacco or even a pack of cigarettes. The small barrel is 4 1/2″ wide.
2 liter cigar barrel is 5″ interior height with a width of 5″.
3 liter cigar barrel is 5″ 3/4″ inside height and a diameter of about 6″.
5 liter cigar barrel will hold a cigar up to about 7″ and is a huge 7″ diameter.