Large Oak Whiskey Barrels

At Red Head Barrels, we strive to make the top-quality large whiskey barrels meant for aging whiskey. We don’t use recycled wood that’s been previously used – we only use brand new, premium wood that makes our barrels stand out and gives our whiskey the best flavor. We use the same wood that most distilleries and wineries use in their large oak whiskey barrels for their production. Now it’s available in your own home!

Top Quality Large Oak Whiskey Barrels For Sale

We source our wood from across the US including California, Missouri, and Kentucky. We build our barrels with a standard medium char, which we’ve found to be absolutely the best at aging spirits and adding flavor to them.

Our large barrels come in different sizes – 10 liter & 20 liters. We also have much larger barrels that are available for purchase in person (53 gallon barrels). If you’re an aging expert or a whiskey fanatic – a large oak whiskey barrel is just the thing you need for your home whiskey aging.

Large Whiskey Barrels will typically age whiskey slower than smaller barrels – but that doesn’t mean the flavor is any less tasty. In fact, since you can age more whiskey at a time – you get to enjoy the flavor twice as long with a large oak barrel.

If you’re looking for something custom – we can custom make barrels with different sizes, chars, or finish – just give us a call or visit us in person to place a special order. Every barrel is made to our high standard quality we’ve set for us and our customers so you get the best with every purchase from a veteran owned business.