Decorative Whiskey Barrel Decor For Sale

Decorative Whiskey Barrels & Whiskey Barrel Decor For Sale

Our barrels can also be used a decor or decorations. Things like making furniture, decorations, planters and more is possible.

These barrels can be used for aging but are not warrantied so it should be done at your own risk (we don’t really recommend it). They are either dried out or may have factory defects. It’s best to use them as decorations and nothing more.

Even though they may not be the same as our normal barrels, they will still look just as beautiful when used for whatever you like.

These are sold as is but can be engraved or customized, just contact us for a special order and we can help you out with that.

The smaller sizes typically include all accessories but larger sizes won’t have them available when purchasing so please read the product description so you know what you are getting.