Planning A Successful Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor partyPerhaps you are dreading (or maybe waiting with bated breath for) a night filled with lap dances and tequila shots. Do you think that your best man is the ideal person to plan your stag night to perfection, or would you like to have a hand in this bachelor party planning? Do you want to determine who is invited to your bash?

Set Your Limits

There really doesn’t exist any hard-and-fast rules or guidelines for bachelor party planning. This event could actually involve anything, from a swanky steak dinner to a sweaty lap dance. It is therefore hard to create precedents, since there is such a wide range, so feel free to give your input in this bachelor party planning.  Do not let your party crash and burn, if you think that your best friends may be planning an event that will result in your fiance refusing to go through with the marriage, if she found out. Instead, tell them of your concerns before the event. On the other hand, if you have always desired to have one last wild night prior to tying the knot, then express this to your best man, so he knows exactly what is on your mind.

Let it Ride

Try not to become too involved, as you do not really want to be doing your own bachelor party planning. It can be quite a hassle to take care of the details, such as making reservations and hiring the limo. Therefore, let your best man or brother-in-law handle this area of the bachelor party planning, while you sit back and let them do all the dirty work. There is one caveat. Although you want to have a laissez-faire attitude, ensure that you are the one deciding on the persons to be included on the guest list.

Tame Tensions

You do not want to invite anyone who will kill the vibes of your last bachelor bash, such as testy relatives that you are not close to, or a frat brother who went overboard during hazing. This also includes an annoying acquaintance, who you have politely endured  for the sake of the crowd. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice your party just to be P.C. On the other hand, in your bachelor party planning, anyone that you wouldn’t want to party without should not be left off the list, such as a squash buddy, coworker or bookie.

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