Perfect Gift For Drinkers

Perfect Gift For Drinkers1

We’ve all been through the process. Liquor and beer were pretty disgusting at first, but everyone said it was an acquired taste. The taste buds change with age and then all of a sudden it hits you – they were right. The depths of flavor in wine, liquor and beer are intense. The aromas really can hint at pomegranate, black pepper and black cherries all at the same time. Then the quest begins; the insatiable thirst for different subtle flavors from different regions of the world. All of those options are confusing and it beckons the question: where does all that flavor come from?

The perfect gift for drinkers is one that gets them more flavorful alcohol, educates them and puts them in the driver’s seat in making the spirit. An oak aging barrel is the best gift for the drinker in your life because it does all three of these things.

The barrel will educate everyone on the process of aging. This is when a spirit is put into the oak barrel and placed in a dark, humid place with a slight change in daily temperature. This gets the liquor to seep into the wood when it expands and rush out of the wood when the temperature drops and the liquid contracts. The oak barrel gives the liquor more depth of flavor and smoothness you will not find anywhere else.

There is some experimentation to be done, too. The drinker can try to give their favorite liquor more sweetness by aging sherry in the barrel first. This will leave some sweetness in the wood for something like a rum or whiskey. The barrel can be placed in different spots around the home to see if temperature has any effect on the maturation process. An oak barrel will educate and enthrall any drinker of fine spirits.

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