Patron Tequila

Patron tequilaTequila is very popular but Patron Tequila is probably the most well known brand in the entire world. The strong nectar is popular with clubbers all over the world and most people like it because the spirit does not include hangovers in the morning. Although there are several brands in the market at present, Patron is popular due to the smooth taste and lovely fragrance.

Making High Quality Tequila
This pure 100% strong brand is made from the best agave grown in the desert highland regions of Jalisco, Mexico. Traditionally, good agave is bottled immediately but Patron is made by harvesting seven-year-old agave plants and only the heart of the plant called the pina is used to make the tequila. The heart is cut out and steamed slowly according to tradition in a large masonry stoves to concentrate the flavors. After 79 hours, the hearts are then shredded and then placed in a traditional stone pit.  A large shredding stone then breaks down the hearts into smaller pieces to make a fine paste. This fine paste then ferments to make the agave juice but it does take about 72 hours to make the best quality Patron. This is then distilled twice in large copper vats to make high quality 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila. The best commercial brand of Patron is made by blending aged tequilas. Several different aged     mixes are combined in a large oak barrel and left to mature for 12 months leading to the beautifully smooth taste of Patron.

Bottling and Retail Sale
Different estates have different types of bottles that they use to retail their tequila brand and the Diamond Estates have a unique bottle that is similar to every brand in the market but it is sealed with a cork that allows the liquor to breathe. The Diamond Estate Company makes and retails the Añejo Tequila brand and each bottle is numbered by hand and recorded to ensure that customers get the best quality product. The bottle is labeled with a label with gold writing on an amber colored background.

Review of the Añejo Tequila
Personally, we love all brands of tequila but the Añejo Tequila is a personal favorite. When you pour out a glass, the liquor has a light smell of sandalwood, sawdust, and caramel all covered with the strong scents of agave. This brand is stronger that the Patrón Reposado and it easily releases its fragrance. If you leave the glass to heat up, then you also get the scents of sandalwood, honey and vanilla from the fully decanted glass. After sometime the earthy smells of boiled zucchini and baked squash also come out. These odors are the same as that of the Reposado but just a little stronger in the Patrón Añejo Tequila.
On tasting, the flavors of the tequila were more relaxedas compared to the Patrón Añejo Tequila and the Patrón Reposado and the Patrón Silver. The flavor and taste imprints were the same as that of sandalwood and punky agave but we will found that taste of caramel, vanilla, agave and bitter butter. In the ending, a small hit of pepper is also noted after the first few impressions. The tequila seems to go down smoothly even with the sweet and spicy notes it shares.  This brand is excellent for tasting.

In cocktails
The Añejo Tequila combines well with all other tequilas to make nice crisp cocktails. We combined it with the Maximiliano Tequila and then made a Royal Alexandra Margarita with it. The resulting cocktail was elegant and lovely and well with the mix.  The unique mixture of the cocktail with the peppery overtones makes it great for any kind of mixture.

The afterburn
We’ve examined the Patrón Silvera, Reposado and Añejo Tequilas brands and all of them compare quite well with each other. The brands have a peppery aftertone that makes then great for cocktails but their fruitier notes are excellent for drinking as well. The smoothness increases as the drink ages and we do recommend this for anyone who wants to start off with Patron.

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