Patron Tequila Review

Patron tequilaPatron tequila is one of the tequilas that can turn anyone into a fan for life.  Patron tequila offers the full flavor of agave without overwhelming the palate, is ultra smooth and a great choice for mixing cocktails.  These facts apply primarily to Silver Patron tequila as it provides a true and rich agave flavor that does not have the effects of the oak added by aging in barrels.  The Patron tequila company is considered a staple in the industry, and while they also offer other exciting options, the base Patron tequila line is phenomenal.  The smooth Silver is ideal for mixing and one that bartenders and consumers choose regularly when mixing cocktails.


Ultra-smooth silver Patron tequila is ideal for mixing.
Patron tequila is ideal for fruity tequila cocktails.
Patron tequila offers numbered handmade collectors bottle.


Patron costs more than other tequilas.


  •     Made from 100% blue Weber agave and distilled in Atotonilco, Jalisco, Mexico
  •     The Patrón Spirits Company is the producer
  •     The retail cost is around $43 for 750ml bottles
  •     80 proof (40% alc/volume)

Patron Silver Tequila

As with all other Patron tequila, Patron Silver is created using 100% blue Webber agave from the highlands of Jalisco.  The pinas from the agave plant are harvested after about eight years of growth and the tequila making process begins at the nearby distillery.  Patron is one of the few remaining distilleries that use the traditional tahona wheel to crush the agave once it is baked.  While they do also use modern roller methods, the Master Distiller combines the agave from both methods in order to create his recipe for Patron tequila. This is a key to the additional flavor found in Patron tequila that is not found in other brands.  The use of the long tradition of extracting the juice, even though only a partial mix, creates depth to the finished product, giving it a significantly better flavor.

However, it is Patron Silver tequila that is truly fascinating.  While it is an excellent drink to sip, it grows even better when mixed with fresh fruits.  The flavor is not just limited to a few fruit flavors.  It works well with everything from blackberry to orange and cranberry to grapefruit.  Patron tequila loves fruit and provides waves of sweetened agave that return in a delightful way, making it difficult to resist. A set of fruit highballs makes a good example:  the Patron Pomegranate, Patron Pineapple and Patron Grapefruit.  In addition, one might consider some of the more complex drinks such as the Gold Cosmopolitan or the Red Carpet.  With these relatively simple tequila cocktails Patron tequila provides a full fruit flavor that truly shines.

Tasting Notes:

Patron Tequila offers an earthy feeling with an aroma that brings a soft, sweet agave kiss to the nose.  Its palate is sultry yet ultra smooth before transforming into a caramel flavor touched with soft butter and light spice tones.  The finish is a stronger spice followed by a warm, long sweetness.

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