Off-The-Wall Liquors For Your Home Or Private Bar Inventory

Home Private Bar InventoryAre you building a private bar inventory? Then you have to add the following spirits to your collection. These are excellent labels that deserve to get more recognition in the industry:

Bear Hug Infusions
If you want more lightly proofed vodka in your private bar inventory, then here is the perfect candidate. It’s great for those who want tasty drinks with real ingredients at a pocket-friendly price. The buzz is building so take notice.

BroVo Liqueurs
From Seattle comes a label of lady-made liqueurs. These lightly sweetened botanical liqueurs are just what the young female pros need after a long day at work. They are must-haves for any private bar inventory with their promise of low calorie, intricate taste, and local production ethos.

Death’s Door
This label crash into the scene with an excellent white whiskey but is here to stay thanks to follow-ups like the gin and vodka. Their style is to be simple yet elegant and it works. Scalability is not a problem for the company which is good since their catchy name has gotten some attention from big players. Get this for your private bar inventory during Halloween.

High West Distillery
Rye whiskey is getting well-deserved appreciation these days and High West is leading the charge. It will feel right at home in a connoisseur’s private bar inventory. This distiller and bottler has a bright future ahead of it.

Hum Hibiscus Liqueur
Designer cocktails use this liqueur to add spice, sweetness and color. Anyone who is into mixing drinks should definitely have this on their private bar inventory. The flavors and craftsmanship are superb. You can’t go wrong with this bottle.

Kavalan Taiwan Whisky
As the East grows in fondness for whisky, so too is its expertise in the subject. Japan has long been known for its excellent drinks but now Taiwan is showing that it can also compete on the world stage. This whisky is soon going to be a requirement to be a reputable private bar inventory.

New Holland Spirits
New Holland produces great infused spirits and distilled beer products. The craftsmanship is apparent in every bottle. Tops marks for presentation and taste. Finding this is almost as good as discovering a hidden gem. Get a few for your private bar inventory.

Real Matlatl Mezcal
There is no shortage of tequila in the market but Real Matlatl Mezcal manages to distinguish itself from the crowd. It’s all in the flavors. Have a taste to be a believer. The company produces several limited edition labels at a steep prices but it’s all worth it. Any classy private bar inventory should have this.

Vegefeuer Herbal Liqueur
Looking for a party liqueur? Get this and you’ll forget you ever needed a Jaggermeister. It looks and tastes so much better. Set it on fire before drinking to get the full impact. This is a certified hit.