Oak Barrels Ideal For Home Winemaking

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Winemaking from home is increasing as more enthusiasts explore the art. The nuances and mystique of wine make it far more than just an alcoholic drink. Wines have an appeal that is enduring as they exhibit the subtleties of their character. Over the past decade a growing interest in wine has fueled winemaking as a hobby, one that has spread throughout entire communities. Groups have formed locally to learn more about winemaking, and some have started competitions or formed clubs.

Two Cases of Wine

When making wine, you will want to produce a reasonable quantity because it takes time to make. You can produce about 24 bottles in 20 liter oak barrels, which will be enough for yourself and to share with others. The smaller barrel is best because of the smaller surface area which allows the wine to absorb the oak flavor much more quickly than it would in a large oak barrel. This will hasten the winemaking process.

No Edge with Barrel-Aged Cocktails

When you dream of your next batch of bevvies, try your hand at using small oak barrels for more mellow, smoother and more complex cocktails. In our 5L barrel it will take your creation about six to eight weeks to age…or in our smaller 1L oak barrel or 2L oak barrel, even less. Sip a little off the top if you cannot wait, then add a little more of the mixture that is not aged. That is somewhat the same method as the Solera aging process that gives such deep, rich results, along with an unexpected bright touch as well.

A great number of barrel-aged recipes for cocktails are available online and the simple mixtures seem to be the best, such as Negronis (Campanri, sweet vermouth and gin) Saratogas (whiskey, brandy and vermouth) Brandy Manhattans (sweet vermouth and brandy) and St. Nick (cranberry liqueur and brandy) to name a few. After you think your cocktail is perfectly aged, use cheesecloth to filter it into a glass pitcher or jar and you can keep it indefinitely. Take special note, though—do not use citrus or other juices, dairy or eggs, which will spoil. If you want to add any of these ingredients, wait until the liqueurs and spirits have sufficiently aged.

Do not forget the “angels’ share.” Because our oak barrels are smaller, they produce world famous unique flavor for distilling liquid and for home brewing. When it comes to aging liquids for personal use and for storing, their size is perfect. There have been relatively few changes over time that have occurred in the long-standing art steeped in custom and tradition, of aging brandies, ports, rums and whiskey. When the liquor breathes, gains aroma, color and flavor, it takes the edge off and creates a smooth finish. During the aging process, a small amount of the alcohol evaporates and this small amount is called the “angels’ share”.

Extraordinary Vinegars

Your vinegars will have a weight, depth and complexity when your use oak whiskey barrels that cannot be produced in ceramic or glass. There is nothing to compare to making your own delicious vinegars. Once you make them yourself, you will not be able to buy commercial vinegars from the store again. All you need is time, wine and the “mother.” The “Mother” of vinegar is the Acetobacter bacteria that actually eats alcohol and that is the process that turns the wine into vinegar. For this adventure, a 5L oak barrel is what we recommend. Your own oak barrels will make your kitchen complete. When you start your journey, you will find yourself wanting to explore your options and experiment with a variety of reds such as Cabernet, Merlot, blackberry, sweeter Muscats, elderberry or cherry wines.

It is a good idea to keep a journal of your wine making journey to capture the memories in writing. You will be pleased with your written record in years to come. Even if your journal is just a simple notebook, you will be able to see what worked well and what did not. Download our sample page if you wish, and make copies that you can save in a binder. After you make wine at home, you may never want “store bought” wine again.

Handcrafted Oak Barrels…Due to their sugar content, strength and other great properties for making and storing wine and whiskeys, white oak barrels are now the standard. The oak is tapered and sanded by our cooper to perfectly fit the staves into the hoops. No glue or nails are used. The permanent, perfectly fitted shape is achieved by steam. Your oak barrels are perfectly toasted while still partially assembled. This provides the sweet caramel and vanilla flavor to your creations by causing the caramelization of the sugars in the wood. Your perfect oak barrels arrive complete with bung, wooden spigot and stand, and toasted medium to medium+.

Share and Enjoy with Others…When you want to honor someone close to you, there is no better way than to raise a glass of homemade spirits or wine that you have made yourself. A toast is the purest sort of blessing and no more courteous gesture can be found. You will find great enjoyment toasting, celebrating and sharing your homemade wine with friends and family. They will admire you for your creativity and the delightful taste of the wine made in oak barrels that you have shared with them.

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