Oak Barrel Aged Brandy With A Hint Of Vanilla And Cherry

christian brother frost brandy with vanilla and cherriesMy latest experiment in my aging laboratory. Christian Brothers Brandy is a relatively decent bottle of brandy with an affordable price. I paid about $11 for a half gallon of the Frost version. It’s only 70 proof but right out of the bottle it has a little sweetness to it. It’s clear as a bell in the bottle off the bottom shelf of the liquor store. I poured mine in to my 1 Liter Red Head Oak Barrel when I hope to darken and smooth out the flavor some.  I decided to drop in some vanilla beans to add some extra flavor. I cut mine open so it would increase the flavor.

After aging in my barrel for about 6 weeks I took a small test and was quite pleased with the flavor. Then I got an idea. How would it taste if I added some cherries to the barrel?  Well there is only one way to find out. I went to the grocery store and bought some fresh cherries from the produce section and came home. I washed and peeled them then cut them in half and dropped them in the oak barrel. I left them in there about three weeks before I poured the final brandy solution in to my bottle.

I must say that I normally am not much of a wine or any other grape type drinker.  I’m not usually in to the sweet drinks.  I like the way the oak barrel, vanilla and cherries have combined to smooth out the flavor and add that oaky flavor.  If you like brandy or cognac it’s worth a try.  Leave your in the barrel until you want to keep what you have then remove it.  You can’t go wrong either way.  Cheers!

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