Oak Aging Barrels Make Unique Corporate Gifts

Red Head Oak Barrels

Red Head Oak Barrels

Here at Red Head Barrels, we value each and every client. Customers of any business need to know that they are important and held in high regard. This is why oftentimes businesses will choose to give clients a unique corporate gift as a token of appreciation for their continued patronage.

If you transact with other corporate entities, you have probably thought about ways to encourage an ongoing business relationship between your companies. A unique corporate gift from Red Head Barrels can help you do just that. Not only will you be showing your appreciation with one of our genuine oak aging barrels, you can have the gift customized with your business name, logo and images. This will serve as a reminder to your client of how much you value the business relationship, and at the same time will serve as an advertisement of your services to anyone who sees the sophisticated oak aging barrel. Below are some great examples of businesses and individuals who would enjoy this gift.


If you have a restaurant as one of your corporate accounts, an oak aging barrel would make a great gift. Not only would it be a beautiful addition to the restaurant’s decor, but each and every visitor to the restaurant is going to see your business logo on the barrel. That amount of advertising would normally cost a lot of money. Our gift selection is, however, very affordable.


Unique Corporate Gifts

Unique Corporate Gifts


Having a bar as an account is also a good opportunity to give a unique corporate gift while doing some advertising at the same time. And what better place for a gorgeous oak aging barrel to fit in, than a bar? The gift can be prominently displayed in a place of honor on the back bar, where it will be seen by hundreds of people each week–maybe more.

Your client can also use the barrel for aging wine or liquor. Our oak aging barrels are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from one liter to 20 liters. Nearly any bottle of wine or liquor can be made better by aging the liquid inside of the barrel. For ease of serving, each barrel has an attached spigot which makes dispensing wine or liquor a breeze.


Oftentimes in an executive’s office, you will find a shelf or a side table which holds a nice decanter of scotch along with some rocks glasses. A wonderful and unique corporate gift for such an individual would be our one-liter oak aging barrel. Not only would the barrel be a great conversation piece, but it is the ultimate in style and functionality. The executive’s favorite brand of scotch is only going to get better when aged in this terrific barrel.

No matter which type of corporate accounts you have, you can find the perfect unique corporate gift at redheadbarrels.com. By having the barrels engraved with your company’s name, logo and images, you will be advertising at the same time you are spreading good cheer. Peruse our site today for great corporate gift ideas.

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