Oak Aging Barrels From The Red Heads

Red Head Oak BarrelsOne of the oak aging barrels from Red Head Oak Barrels will allow you to easily flavor and age your own spirits, and there is nothing more satisfying than doing that yourself. We provide everything you need to age your own spirits; in addition to a range of oak aging barrels, we also have a variety of cleaning kits, cigar barrels and all the essences and replacement parts you might need. Our barrels appear to be newly minted, yet at the same time have that attractive and appealing old fashioned look to them, with the classic metal rings and the American White Oak used in their manufacture. We have the size of oak aging barrels that you need, with sizes ranging from 1 liter, up to 20 liters. Creating and adding your own flavors is of course, half the fun of aging your own spirits and we have all the flavors you could possibly want, everything from different types of whiskey and bourbon, to the more exotic flavors of Caribbean rum and Amaretto.

All the other supplies that you will need are here too, including those essential replacement parts and a selection of cleaning kits for your oak aging barrels. You can prevent getting batches of drink that are cross contaminated, by thoroughly cleaning your oak aging barrels after use. Displaying your achievements is something that many of us understandably want to do, and we also offer attractive barrel stands. If you want to take your own spirits somewhere else to share with friends and family, we have the perfect canteen or mug for you. Of course, our oak aging barrels along with all our other accessories are all reasonably priced, allowing you to have the chance to age your own spirits and enjoy the satisfaction that goes along with that. The satisfaction of doing it yourself is one thing, but our oak aging barrels are also easy to use and will ensure great tasting spirits each time. Whether you keep them to yourself, or share them with others, there is nothing like aging your own great tasting spirits.