Montejima Tequila

Montejima TequilaThe Montejima Tequila is a being marketed as a 100% agave luxury brand with a down-to-earth price. It has drawn a lot of attention since it was launched in 2010 by La Cofradia. Montejima Tequila is packaged in a short, clear and geometric bottle that gives it a distinctive character. The Montejima Tequila is said to be made from locally grown agave. Baking is done on brick ovens instead of steel while aging barrels are stored inside caves for environmental control.

To test the Montejima Tequila, a few known brands were recruited for comparison. These include Cuervo Gold in mixto form, Cuervo Tradicional Silver for its 100% agave pedigree, El Jimador Reposado for the same reason, and El Tesoro Reposado for a premium feel. The mixto is expected to languish at the bottom while the El Tesoro is projected to set the highest standard. The Montejima Tequila is primarily in competition with the mid-packers.

Straight Shot

Sipping each one straight from the bottle allows the naked flavors to come through. The mixto is hot and harsh. It is quite unpleasant to drink alone. The Tesoro went down smoothly in contrast — a reminder of why it consistently ranks well in tequila charts. The Montejima Tequila blanco was quite aggressive as well. Both the approach and the finish were harsh. The Montejima Tequila reposado was a little better with muted aggression and a smoother finish.


Every tequila worth its salt performs well in a margarita cocktail mix. At least, that was the expectation going in. With Cointreau adding the orange flavor and a Hempnotic mixer providing a common touch, each of the middle brands were tested in succession. The blancos were quite a disappointment but the reposados were much better. The Montejima Tequila went down soft and smooth. The taste was evenly balanced though the distinctive Montejima Tequila smell was a bit of a turn off.

Tequila Sunrise

This drink comes next for the taste test. The Montejima Tequila gave a good account of itself with the orange juice providing a nice flavor. The blancos were again below par but the reposados were a revelation. Montejima Tequila tasted so good that it won this round hands down.

Mexican Flag

This fun drink features layers of colors, textures and taste. It’s a sure hit in every party and a great addition to this test. Every shot consisted of carefully poured grenadine, crème de menthe, and Montejima Tequila or its competitors. The mint and grenadine made the harshness of the blancos tolerable. As for the Montejima Tequila reposado, every shot was a joy. The other reposados were also great but it wins by a hairline.

The tests closed with a round of coffee in which the Montejima Tequila proved a little too harsh. Overall, though, the brand gave a good account of itself and should be a good choice for bargain hunters of 100% agave.

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