Make Your Own Gluten Free Whiskey At Home

gluten free vodkaHave you ever wished that you could find gluten free whiskey? If you have a gluten allergy or an intolerance, hard alcohols like whiskey, scotch and bourbon are probably off-limits to you because of the grains that are used to make them. Drinking something that is not a gluten free whiskey can make you feel terribly sick. Since beer is also something that you cannot have, you are pretty much left with nothing but gluten free vodka.

However, you might love the flavor of whisky and the related varieties. You love that sweet taste of honey-flavored scotch, perhaps, or you just cannot get enough of the warm burn and the rich undertones of a good glass of bourbon. Drinking vodka is not at all the same, but there is not any gluten free whiskey on the market. What is the best solution? It’s pretty simple: You just need to make it yourself.

The liquor flavoring kits that you can get allow you to craft your own gluten free whiskey, scotch or bourbon. You age it in your own home in a fraction of the time that it would take to age it in a distillery. This is completely legal because you simply start with a neutral grain gluten free alcohol, such as a clear vodka, as the base. (Tito’s make a great gluten free vodka). You then pour half of that bottle into the special aging cask, made from real oak, that lends its flavor to the mix. With that done, you pour in the essence, which gives it the right overall flavor. You can make it taste exactly how you want it to, just like the top-shelf varieties at the store. Finally, you fill the cask with the rest of the vodka, wait two weeks, and you have your own gluten free whiskey.

The trick to making gluten free whiskey is simply to start with a base alcohol that is already gluten free. The essence that you pick – you can choose from things like Kentucky bourbon or honey flavored whiskey – is not going to add any gluten to the mix, though it will vastly alter the flavor of your vodka. The gluten free whiskey is no longer going to taste at all like that base vodka, opening you up to all of the drink options that you’ve been craving.

Best of all, making the gluten free whiskey is cheaper than trying to buy any at the store. In fact, you want to get a cheap vodka to start with because you do not want it to have a lot of additives in it, such as flavorings. You are going to do that part on your own. The best vodka to make gluten free whiskey will be cheap to start and it will taste great when you’re done.