Liquor Infused Cigars Add Flavor To Your Smoke

cigar infusing alcoholFlavored cigars are not a rare commodity. Cigars containing added flavors have been produced and marketed for years, although they were never very popular in the first few years they were available. It wasn’t until recently, when the infusing process took a dramatic turn, that people began to enjoy the unique offerings of infused cigars.

When flavored cigars were first introduced, cigar enthusiasts were skeptical at best. The tastes were entirely too strong and clearly of poor quality. They lost their flavor too quickly, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth not even halfway through the smoke. Factor in the poor craftsmanship of the cigar itself and the fact that the flavors didn’t even taste like what they were supposed to, it was no surprise that many people tossed theirs in the trash and never picked up another. But the infused cigars of the past are not the cigars of today. Not in the slightest. The infusing process has improved dramatically. Fresh techniques, and unique, exciting flavors have breathed new life into the market.

High quality, handmade flavored cigars,  as opposed to machine-made, have burst onto the scene to replace the low quality cigars that had dominated the market previously. Many of the most beloved companies now offer their own specific blends.  With these new offerings come an entirely recreated infusing process. Before, flavored cigars merely contained tobacco coated in syrups and sweeteners. Now the infusing operation is delicately handled.

There are a few different ways that companies handle infusion. Specially designed rooms or newly created machines are utilized in different ways. Some companies lightly spray their cigars with the flavorings in a way that is light-handed, leaving them lightly flavored for a subtle taste.  Still others place their tobacco in a room with herbs, spices, and oils whose unique blend of aromas are absorbed by the tobacco over time.  Additionally, the flavors themselves have also had a makeover. Whereas before artificial flavors were directly injected into the tobacco, now there has been a shift to use only natural material. The result? A high quality product all the way around. With these changes, the popularity of infused cigars has increased dramatically.

Infused options are a favorite among consumers just entering the cigar world. Many find them easier to smoke than the average cigar, especially when just starting out. These cigars offer an important first encounter. Established smokers are also getting in on the trend as well. While they generally only smoke infused cigars as a rare treat, they do enjoy them once in a while. It seems that the popularity of infused cigars will only grow with time.

humidification beads for cigar infusingStill, critics argue that infused cigars and traditional cigars are not at all the same. And they’re right. Comparing them is nearly impossible. For starters, traditional cigars improve with age. In fact, the natural, subtle flavors that they contain are as a result of the aging process. Infused cigars by definition are artificially flavored. That fact alone is part of the reason there’s a myth that infused cigars are low quality.

Plus, traditional cigars are stored in humidors specifically for the purpose of aging them and improving their quality. For infused cigars, however, it’s not a good idea to store them for a significant length of time. Infused cigars lose their flavor over time. While they can still be stored in a humidor, it should only be for a short length of time to protect the flavor when you’re not smoking them. Ideally, you should purchase only a few at a time to prevent cigars from going to waste. Additionally, storing them in the same place can actually ruin traditional cigars. The strong odor of the infused cigars can be absorbed by the tobacco of the other, destroying it completely. That’s why infused cigars are sold in a separate area in stores and are produced in another area of the factories.

engraved cigar infusing liquor barrelWhether you enjoy the occasional taste of infused cigars or scoff at their very existence, their presence in the market is solid. They’re not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, over time, we may find that they have a place in our homes just like any other high quality smoke.

If you want to infuse your favorite liquor flavor in to your favorite brand of cigar now you can do it yourself at home.  Just fill our humidity beads with your favorite liquor or use our liquor essence. Drop it in to one of our cigar barrels along with a few of your favorite cigars and it won’t be long before you are smoking your flavor of choice.

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