Liquor Flavor Essences Categories

Whiskey Flavors

Whiskey, including bourbon and rye, is first distilled as a white liquor with an incredibly high alcohol content. This white dog whiskey is poured into oak barrels and then aged where the liquid expands, contracts, absorbs color and flavor while some of the alcohol actually evaporates. You don’t have to wait years for that deep, pleasurable flavor. Add these Whiskey Essence Flavors to your favorite spirit and experience a total transformation. Favorites such as Highland Scotch, Tennessee, Irish, Honey, Canadian Rye, Southern, and Kentucky are available. These products are all natural, easy to use and are sure to please. Instructions: Pour the contents of the bottle into Red Head Oak Aging Barrel. Fill with (725ml) of 35-40% alc./vol. grain alcohol, neutral vodka or swish alcohol. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Makes 1 Liter. Use 1 bottle of essence per liter of alcohol. Age spirits to your taste in our Oak Aging Barrel! Ingredients: Natural extracts, essential oils, propylene glycol and caramel color. Canadian Rye = Crown Royal Irish = Jameson Southern = Southern Comfort

Rum Flavors

Oak barrel aging is great for neutral spirits. The white lightning liquor will quickly soak up all of the oak flavor, but the final product can still be tweaked with these Rum Essence Flavor bottles. Rum produces the perfect blend of sweetness and bite; it’s a flavor that will definitely please the palate. It’s no wonder that it is commonly used in adult desserts. These simple essences come in all sorts of flavors including Amber Cuban, Caribbean, Cocorum, Jamaican and Spiced rum. Just add the essence to your favorite spirit and taste the transformation. These essences use all natural ingredients. Spiced = Captain Morgan Spiced Jamaican = Captain Morgan Jamaican Amber Cuban = Captain Morgan Cuban Caribbean = Bacardi Gold Cocorum = Malibu (this is sold at an 40 proof but bootlegged at an 80 proof) Creole Orange

Flavor Enhancers

Now you can enhance the flavor or your aging batch with our custom additives.  Add more Carmel for that smooth color you are looking for in your bootleg batch. You can even enhance liquor store top shelf liquors to get the flavor you enjoy the most.  Increase the vanilla or oakiness in  your barrel aged batch. You can add the flavor according to your taste. You may like a little or you may like a lot.  Buy a bottle and find out.  Each bottle is 50 ml  (1.7 U.S. Fluid ounces) 2X Carmel” is a specially made extra dark caramel used to color liquors, liqueurs and dark beers. 2X Vanilla is a double strength natural vanilla extract used to enhance whiskys, rums, brandies and liqueurs. “2X Toasted Oak” is a specially made food and beverage oak flavor, produced from selected oak wood. “Raspberry” adds a taste of raspberry to your whiskey, rum, bourbon, brandy, vodka or whatever you want to flavor. “Strawberry” adds a taste of strawberry to your whiskey, rum, bourbon, brandy, vodka or whatever you want to flavor. “Cinnamon” adds a taste of cinnamon to your whiskey, rum, bourbon, brandy, vodka or whatever you want to flavor.