Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Review

Johnnie Walker Black Label ScotchJohnnie Walker is one of the best known scotch brands in the world. Johnnie Walker started blending whiskey in 1820. It was until 1909 that his son Alexander, under the family business, relaunched the old recipe into the new and now popular Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch, normally referred to as “Black Label”. This was a perfect way to show the art of blending fine whiskey at an affordable price.

Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch is packaged in square bottles with colored labels which uniquely identify different blends and flavors. This is a good example of a sweet mouthwatering blend with a touch of smoke. The flavors are incredible and you can confidently call this Scotch scrumptious. All these features have made this scotch to be among the best selling whiskies in the world for years. Johnnie Walker’s success is attributed to consistent wonderfully mastered Scotch blends.

Being among the complex whisky portfolios, Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch has approximately 40 whiskies: some are single malts and others are produced specifically for this blend. The blends represent a variety of Scotch regions ranging from robust island malts, the mellow lowland malts and ember-like Islay malts. Many Scotch drinkers find a variety of Scotch drinks too peaty and that is why the blenders know exactly what to do to the Black Label. The Black Label Scotch adds grain whiskies to the blend which softens the peaty Scotch experience that many drinkers find to be a problem. The grain whiskies make the Scotch sweet and drinkable. This is a great selection for all those who are starting to drink Scotch and those who enjoy a balance between too sweet and too peat.

All methods and characteristics of Scotch distilling came to be known through Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch. Fruity and sweet with a little touch of smoke is what describes the aroma from this whisky. You will be slowly led to a sultry palate of grain and oak with butter and vanilla notes. The finish is semi dry and the balanced smoke is retained for a period long enough for the drinker to crave more.

Many Scotch cocktails like classically simple Rob Roy or Affinity and many others perfectly make use of Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch. A war between anise and smoke takes place in the Robert Burns; the most appropriate opponent of all Scotch Whiskies is the Black Label Scotch whiskey.

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