John L. Sullivan Irish Whisky Review

John L. Sullivan Irish WhiskyThe John L. Sullivan Irish Whisky is a combination blend of single malt and single grain Irish whiskeys that have been aged for four to ten years in bourbon barrels that have been used once. These barrels are individually chosen based on each one’s unique character, which comes alive during the aging process. The John L. Sullivan is not only rich, but is smooth, balanced and complex. Its taste gives hints of vanilla, oak, malt, honey, spice and citrus. The finish is silky with good length. It is specially bottled by the Cooley Distillery and aims to pay tribute to an Irish American stalwart and other descendants of the determined Irish immigrants who came to America. The Irish immigrants, including John L. Sullivan, are being celebrated when the Irish whiskey is aged in Single Use American Oak Bourbon Barrels.

The Single Use Bourbon Barrels are manufactured from American white oak, which is shipped from Kentucky, where the wood was previously used to age bourbon. US law states that bourbon has to be aged in new oak barrels that are charred. The wood’s original flavor and that from the char do remain after the first time that the barrel is used. Therefore, there is trade to Scotland and Ireland where bourbon barrels are shipped to age Scotch and Irish whiskey. In most cases, these barrels are re-used three, four or five time over. Single Use Bourbon Barrels are used once to age bourbon. Therefore, when our Irish whiskey is aged in these barrels, the finish is smooth, classic and reminiscent of traditional Irish whiskey with a touch of American bourbon.

Ireland’s only distillery that is independently owned, the Coolery Distillery is known internationally for its top shelf Irish whiskey.

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