Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon Review

Jim Beam Devil's Cut BourbonThe latest bourbon from Jim Beam called Devil’s Cut provides a very rich flavor that all people will surely love. The Devil’s Cut makes use of the proprietary process wherein water is injected into the empty barrels of bourbon. This allows the extraction of more oak notes and bourbon that are found inside the barrel.  The injected water will then be used to cut the aged Jim Beam down to proof. This produces a rich and flavorful product that all drinkers and enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

The Aroma
When it comes to the aroma of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut bourbon, a nice blend of oak, cinnamon, spice, and nutmeg flavor mixed with vanilla and warm caramel can be noticed. In other words, the Devil’s Cut bouquet provides no surprises since it will definitely deliver what is expected on the palate.

The Devil’s Cut also has a very nice mouthfeel that is not too thin or full bodied. This is why it is very good in mixing with other drinks. At 90 proof, the flavor of this drink will not disappear when mixed in cocktails. When it comes to taste, the oaks notes are very dominant, which contributes to the flavor of the nutmeg, spice, wood, and cinnamon. The bourbon also has a mild caramel and vanilla undertone that plays a huge role in meshing all the flavors together. This harmonizes all the spices, which delivers a balanced bourbon.

The Devil’s Cut definitely delivers with its spicy treats. The cinnamon sugar, spice cake, and apple pie notes will linger on the palate before it will eventually ease out. This provides a really pleasant woody note.

All in all, the Devil’s Cut is a wonderful drink that is very affordable at $23.99 per 750 ml bottle. This is indeed a great addition to the flavorful lineup of Jim Beam. Without a doubt, this type of whiskey will be a huge favorite especially to those who love Jim Beam products or spicy bourbons.

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