Jameson Irish Whiskey Review

Jameson Irish WhiskeyIn 1770s Dublin was known as the producer of the best whiskies in Ireland when the whiskey business was booming. Jameson did not let this reputation go down; he built the quality Jameson Irish Whiskey from the best ingredients of barley and casks. The entire production operation was kept in a single distillery to ensure high quality standards. These efforts were not in vain as the brand has over the years established a philosophy which continues until today. Today, the operations are carried out in the new Midleton Single Distillery and not the old Jameson Distillery.

Jameson Irish whiskey has a high profile featuring blending techniques of whiskies that have various casks such as bourbon, sherry and port. These woods are what results into sophistication of Jameson Irish whiskey. This creates a great sipper for the whiskey connoisseur and a perfect cocktail ingredient. Jameson has a sweet aroma of malted barley with subtle oak and butter tones; this is no different from the palate. The grain turns dark and becomes more apparent with notes of spicy nut mixing in the whiskey. Jameson Irish whiskey finishes with honey and spicy, peaty snaps of barley that work through the long fade.

Irish coffee has a pleasant whiskey base: Jameson, Ginger and Leprechaun become complex. The creamier Irish Eyes gain depth when Jameson Irish Whiskey is applied. It may not be as smooth as other Irish whiskies but some things are evident: the reliability, versatility and price are minimal and with almost no significance.

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