Jack Daniels Black Label Review

Jack Daniels black label Old No 7 ReviewOne of the best selling liquors or whiskies in the world is none other than the Old Number 7 or commonly known as the Jack Daniels Black Label. This wonderful whisky is made in the original Tennessee Sour Mash Style, which is very similar to the bourbon, but with the addition of dipping the spirit in a sugar maple charcoal to lighten the whiskey prior to placing it in the oak barrel. This produces a very smooth and versatile whisky that is very similar to the original flavor. In other words, Jack Daniels Black Label is indeed very consistent in delivering quality taste regardless whether it is drank plainly or mixed with coke or lemonade.

When it comes to aroma, the Jack Daniel’s Black Label gives a wonderful scent of vanilla, butterscotch, and caramel. This also gives a hint of wood, which is very noticeable while the toffee flavor begins to emerge.

Although some people think that Jack Daniel’s lost its luster when it switched its original formula from 80 proof to 86 proof, many still love the new Jack Daniels mixture. In fact, the new formulation does not provide a lighter mouth-feel rather the taste is only different.

As for the taste, this whisky from Jack Daniels produces a very smoky and smooth sweetness. Some even described that the liquor has a little flavor of corn syrup. It is very obvious that all Jack Daniel drinks have a very light licorice taste. This too is also noticeable in the Black Label. However, the licorice note is actually not overwhelming. In fact, it adds a very nice background note to all the other flavors such as fresh brewed coffee, nuts, vanilla, toasted oak, and the English toffee. Another thing that makes the Black Label different from the other whiskies is the mesh of flavors that come into play during the entire course of consuming the liquor. People will really be pleasantly surprised at how good the vanilla flavor tastes like in this Jack Daniel’s drink.

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