Jack Daniels Aged To Perfection With A Hint Of Rum

Jack Daniels Aged In A Rum BarrelOkay I know what your thinking.  “Jack Daniels and Rum?  Are you kidding me?”  It was really more of an accident that turned out well than anything else. I aged Jack Daniels Whiskey in my 1 liter Red Head Oak Barrel for about 4 weeks and it was tasting delicious right there.  I was ready to take it out of the oak  barrel and put it in my glass container when I had an idea.  I was finishing up with two other aging barrels. One had peppermint schnapps in it and the other had some great rum.  My plan was to take my Jack Daniels out of the barrel and pour it in the barrel that had previously held the peppermint schnapps.  I thought that sounded good to have a hint of peppermint  in my Jack Daniels that was already perfectly aged.

So I had just emptied both the barrel of peppermint schnapps and the barrel of rum and I accidentally poured the Jack Daniels in the rum barrel and didn’t realize it until I updated my aging logs later that afternoon.  I figured at that point I might as well just leave it in there and go with the flow.  I let the Jack age another week in the barrel that previously held the rum and when I tasted it I was pleasantly surprised.  The Jack Daniels with a hint of rum was delicious. I know some may say I am messing around in unchartered waters and I shouldn’t do any cross breeding like that but quite frankly I like to experiment.  I recommend you do the same if you dare.  Next time I will tell you about the rum that I poured in the peppermint schnapps barrel and how delicious it was.