Infusing Your Liquor With Other Flavors

Infusing Liquor with FruitChoose the Spirit You Would Like

In order to create the foundation for a great liquor infusion, choose a base spirit which you will enjoy. By choosing a spirit that is both clean and smooth, the flavors which you add in will be allowed to shine. If you are trying out a new infusion, then consider buying a bottle of liquor which is less expensive so you do not waste liquor or money. If you buy a cheap brand, it is possible to achieve a great taste by using a home filtering device. That way, you can filter out the impurities.

Choose Which Flavors You Want

Infusions commonly are made using spices, fruits, and herbs. Some of the more popular ones are made with fruit, though you can create amazing combinations out of other things, as well. With a vodka base and some basil, garlic, and habenero, you will have a great Bloody Mary concoction. You will be able to personalize these with some creativity on your part. Make sure that you use fresh ingredients.

The Beginning

Get an air-tight jar, and make sure that it is clean. Using a quart sized mason jar is a good idea for this. Also, you can use small jars in order to make up batches of a variety of flavors. Wash off all of your ingredients, put them in the jar with your vodka, then shake it and cover it with a lid very tightly.

The Time it Takes for Liquor Infusing

Store the infusion for about 3 to 5 days, shaking it between 3 to 5 times each day during this time. Keep it in a dark and cool location. The amount of time you keep liquor infusing will depend on how strong you want the flavors to be. Some can be infused for up to a week or more. Taste test your creation every couple of days to see if it is sufficient for you.

Finishing Your Liquor Infusing

When the infusion has reached its’ peak, take the ingredients out of the jar. You can do this easily with a fine strainer or coffee filter to strain your vodka into a clean bowl or jar. Store this just the same as you would any other liquor of the same type.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

Preparation of Ingredients: Keep berries whole, but score the skin of harder ones. For citrus fruits and strawberries, slice them thin or just put orange or lemon zest in the infusion. With fruits such as mango, cut them into chunks. You must wash all fruits before you put them into the jars. If you use peppers, you can leave these whole or cut them in half, but always wash them. For garlic, place whole cloves in with the layers of skin removed.

Infusion Times: For something like hot peppers, you will only want to leave them in for a short amount of time. Take them out after an hour or two, as they will lend their spiciness to the infusion quickly. Things like dill, lemons, mint, vanilla beans, and peppers which are not hot should be left in for 3 to 4 days, and moderately flavorful things like blueberries, peaches, and lavender should be left in for about a week. Mild flavors like lemongrass should be kept in for about two weeks.

Oak Barrel Infusing: I personally like to use infuse my liquor while it is aging in the oak barrels. I just recently added some vanilla beans and cherries to my brandy in a 1 Liter oak barrel.