Infusing Cigars With Liquor At Home

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infusing cigars with liquor at homeInfusing cigars is a great way to improve your cigar smoking experience. There is a wide range of liquors to choose from including scotch, cognac, bourbon and rum among others. While some cigars come already infused, most of them are low quality products with added flavors to hide the low quality, machine processed tobacco they are made from. For an enthusiast to get a superior smoking experience, infusing cigars is necessary. The following is a step by step process of infusing cigars with the preferred flavor.

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Liquor Flavor
When it comes to infusing cigars, the key to success lies in choosing a flavor that suits you. Your choice of flavor will dictate the type of cigars that you can infuse. Some examples popular flavors that can be used for cigars include tequila, brandy, rum, wine and whiskey.

Step 2: Pick The Right Cigar
There are many flavors to match different types of cigars, just like different types of wines are paired with certain foods. Cigars with the right flavors require some experimentation. Normally, smooth and buttery cigars match perfectly with fruit flavors to create beach cigars. Infusing cigars with deep and rich with whiskey and rum flavors is also another great option. Ideally, you should choose a cigar that is still fresh for the infusion.

Oak Aging Barrel Cigar InfuserStep 3: Prep the Infusion Barrel
After choosing your liquor, pour it into the infusion barrel. Ideally, you should use a few shots and let the barrel rest on its sides; allowing it to soak into the walls of the barrel. Consider rolling the barrel slowly so that the liquor can seep evenly into the walls of the barrel. Alternatively, you can close the barrel using a cork lid and shake it. For best results, let the barrel rest on its side with occasional rolling for at least one day. If you are comfortable with the saturation level, you can pour the remaining liquor back into the bottle, or take a shot as you continue with the process of infusing cigars.

Step 4: Store the Cigar
This last step in the process of infusing cigars involves insertion of the cigar into the barrel and closing the lid. Depending on the size of your barrel, you can fill it up with your favorite cigars. Put back the cork lid and let the barrel rest undisturbed for two or three days so that the cigars can soak in the flavor. Afterwards, you can decide to either smoke it directly or take it to a humidor.
Infusing cigars is an amazing process, and enthusiasts can have a lot of fun doing it. The fun begins when you start trying out new flavors and cigar combinations. People have their own secret combinations; what’s yours? When infusing cigars, which flavors and cigars do you normally use and how are the results?

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