How To Make Tequila Reposado

Making Tequila Reposado In Oak BarrelsAging tequila is a simple process that will transform the flavor into a combination of Agave and wood. Tequila Reposado is aged for up to 11 months in larger oak barrels. Its texture is a cross between an unaged blanco tequila or a modest bourbon. It is simple for a novice to create a signature reposado. All that is required is a bottle of ordinary tequila and small oak barrel. For anyone who doubts the investment, the process can be a fun experiment. It is also a great way to refine the taste buds and learn more about the aging process. In the end, a person may end up with some extremely enjoyable reposado.

Many people may question where to buy a decent barrel for the task at hand. The Internet is filled with vendors selling the oak aging barrels. Red Head Oak Barrels sells the ideal oak barrels at great prices. It may be best for a beginner to start this process with a one liter oak barrel which can be purchase with steel or black hoops. The inside will come with a medium toasted char as well. Within a few days, the barrel will arrive and you will be ready to begin making tequila reposado.

First Step in Making Tequila Reposado:  Rinse The Oak Barrel

Red Head Oak Barrels are made by hand, so there may be residual sawdust or wood chips inside after the manufacturing process has ended. It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the barrel a few times. This will assure that the barrel is free from any debris. The last thing that a person will want to do is to eat tiny pieces of wood. When this has been completed, the next step is to insert the dampened spigot in to the hole in the barrel head.

Second Step in Making Tequila Reposado: Curing The Barrel

The barrel’s wood must become swollen to keep leaks to a minimum. In order to accomplish this, a person should fill the barrel with hot to warm water and let it remain for about a day or longer if necessary for the barrel to swell until any leaking may have stopped. The exact amount of time will depend on temperature. Overall, this step is relatively simple.

Third Step in Making Tequila Reposado: Empty The Barrel And Fill It With Tequila

Once the barrel has swelled, it can be drained and filled with a bottle of Milagro Silver. This is a spicy, yet fresh tequila. This is a good choice because it is less expensive than other brands. If things do not turn out well with the first results, it is not a great loss.

Fourth Step in Making Tequila Reposado: The Waiting Game

It may be difficult to remain patient throughout the rest of this process. It may be tempting to take a small taste after a few days. At this point, the tequila will already be taking on some of the notes of the oak wood. The first pass should take no longer than a few weeks. However, future passes will need a longer amount of time. If you are using a 1 liter barrel then you can start tasting it weekly after about two weeks.

Fifth Step in Making Tequila Reposado: Drain And Bottle

I tried the brew around day 15 and was very surprised to uncover a strong oak taste. It will be up to your personal preference as to how much longer the tequila remains in the oak barrel. When ready, the barrel should be drained into the a bottle so the aging process will stop. The new color of the liquid is similar to brown straw.  The aroma is reminiscent of oak and vanilla. It may not be as smooth as other reposado, but the flavor seems quite appealing.

After the process has been completed, it is necessary to rinse the barrel again. Perhaps, next time a person may decide to try El Jimador silver. For the person who is interested, it may be wise to purchase two separate barrels. This will save on shipping and expand the possibilities. It would be nice to age bourbon along with the tequila. The combinations are endless and the fun will be even greater. After perfecting the process, the results may make some every nice homemade gifts.