How To Make A Toast For Special Ocassions

Toasting Tips For Special OccasionsThere are definite rules of etiquette when it comes to toasting. Here are some easy to follow toasting tips.

  • The host is the first person to make a toast.
  • If someone is receiving the toast they are to stay seated and not raise their glasses.
  • After the toast, the one honored will stand and say a few words of gratitude.
  • Speak slowly and loudly enough to be heard clearly by all the guests.
  • It is best to have a short speech ready for the occasion, an excellent toasting tip.
  • Another toasting tip is to address the honoree by name, the significance of the occasion and special connection to them.
  • Incorporate humor, but practice a sense of decorum and good taste, a fundamental toasting tip.
  • An important toasting tip, do not drink any alcohol prior to the toast.
  • After the toast is given have a drink and say “Cheers” or some other expression of celebration and goodwill.
  • Next the guests will raise their glasses and drink. It does not matter if they toast with water or an empty glass, final toasting tip.