How To Infuse Coffee and Tea With Your Favorite Liquor

tea and coffee liquor infusing barrelsI’m not talking about pouring a little hair of the dog in to your morning coffee here.  Infusing is the talk these days. Infusing one flavor in to a different product can give unique experiences and tastes. You may already know about infusing your favorite liquor taste in to your favorite cigar or tobacco.  Many people are using our cigar infusing barrels to flavor their smoke.

Well, here are a couple more things you can infuse your favorite liquor taste in; tea and coffee.  Let’s say that you like rum scotch or just about anything else and you want a hint of that in your coffee in the morning.  Not nearly enough to even register on your BAC but just enough to dance upon your sense of smell and taste with excitement.

Here’s how to infuse your coffee and tea with liquor flavor.

  1. Just obtain one of our cigar/tobacco infusing barrels.
  2. Rinse it out a few times just to remove any loose debris.
  3. Pour some of your favorite rum, whiskey, scotch, tequila or flavored vodka in the barrel and allow it to soak in for several hours or even a day.
  4. Once it has had a chance to soak in to the sides of the white American oak then pour the rest back in your bottle.
  5. Next, fill it up with your coffee beans, grounds or tea (loose or bagged).
  6. Allow it to sit in the barrel for a few days. You may want to test a little each day until you are satisfied with the appropriate flavor for your taste buds.

We can also engrave “Coffee”, “Tea” or whatever you want on the side (limited space and text only)

3 different size infusing barrels to choose from