How To Drink Whiskey

How to drink whiskeyA popular question which often comes up is in regard to what is the appropriate way to serve whiskey? Should it be on the rocks, with a splash of water or simply straight up? The simple answer is to enjoy them however you like them best, but here are some suggestions that may help get even greater pleasure from them. After all, how to drink whiskey is an art worth looking into in some depth.

For starters, barrel proof whiskies or cask strength whiskies (typically those over 50%abv)will usually benefit from the addition of one or two ice cubes or a splash of cool water. The splash of water encourages aromas and flavors that otherwise might be missed to arise and in addition will neutralize the excessive burn of the alcohol. Two whiskies many enjoy with the addition of the cool water splash are Ardbeg Uigedail single malt Scotch whiskey and Booker’s bourbon. When adding the ice it also pays to then pause a few moments after entry to allow the whiskey to tighten a bit so it can release the flavors desired.

Depending on one’s personal palate, whiskies ranging from 45% abv which is 90 proof to 50% abv or 100 proof may either be enhanced with water or leave the one consuming it to be a bit disappointed. Many do find the splash of water allows them to reduce any sting from the alcohol. Still others find the water addition makes it too watery and thin. The bottom line is that trial and error will be the answer to what will be one’s personal preference.

Whiskies such as Jack Daniels(80 proof) are typically enjoyed best neat. Those at 40%abv have already been cut down at the distillery in strength and will probably not require ice or water to be added. Again, it comes back to one’s personal palate as to what their final determination will be. These are basic guidelines and not hard set rules, and what truly matters most is what gives a person the most satisfaction and enjoyment consuming their chosen whiskey.

Experimentation and testing are critical to ones learning just how their palate will respond to different whiskies. Experimenting with adding a bit of water to that whiskey you typically drink neat or trying one usually drank on the rocks at room temperature and neat will tell a person so much. They will be able to get a better idea precisely what it is that works best for them, and they will certainly gain a greater understanding of what will provide them the most satisfaction moving ahead. It will take some time and effort but that time and effort will be appreciated in the happy days ahead.

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