How Heavy Is A Whiskey Barrel?


Materials Used For Whiskey Barrels

At Red Head Oak Barrels we always use brand-new American oak for our barrels. We find that the new white American oak barrels are the best for whiskey flavoring (and many other types of liquor and spirits). American oak is typically a heavy wood so that can make white oak barrels heavier than some other types of wood barrels.

A typical whiskey/bourbon barrel or “cask” is a large hollow wooden structure. Since all our barrels are handmade and come in different sizes, there are slight variations in the finished size/dimensions. However, the most common measurements for full sized 53-gallon barrels are:

  • Barrel Volume: ~200 Liters (~53 gallons)
  • Barrel Height: 86cm (34-36 inches)
  • Barrel heads (top/bottom): Diameter of 53cm (21 inches)
  • Barrel Weight (empty): Approximately 45kg (100 lbs)
  • Barrel Weight (full): Approximately 225 kg (500 lbs or more)
  • Barrel Bung Hole diameter: 2 inches

Barrel Weights And Dimensions For Our Different Sizes

Keep in mind all barrels are handmade and will vary in size:

barrel size chart

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