Honey Flavored Scotch From Dewar’s

Honey Flavored Scotch From DewarsAlthough American whiskey distillers are bold about introducing new flavors, flavored Scotch has not been offered as much.  Perhaps it has to do with the forgiving nature of Americans.  The producers released new Coke and the consumers screamed like the world was ending.  Classic Coke was brought back and everything was fine.  It is difficult to know how the Scots would react to Highlander Honey flavored Scotch by Dewar, and the latest expression of a Glasgow Scotch Whisky.  This new mix takes the company’s White Label, which is considered an iconic blend and mixes it with Scottish honey.  Before chucking the new mix by the case lot into the local bog, one should stop for at least one little sip.  It is after all, quite tasty.

Others have tried infusing whisky with honey.  It was attempted first by Jack Daniel’s and introduced as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.  Other American distillers followed suit.  If you have to add flavor to whiskey and in order to survive in the current spirit market, you must, there are worse flavors than honey flavored scotch you could mix.  Honey is an organic fit that brings natural sweetness to complement the oak, spicy notes of whiskey.  Honey flavored scotch is a mix consumers and bartenders have used for years, but the honey flavored scotch mix saves the trouble and mess of mixing the concoction for yourself.

During an impromptu tasting of Dewar’s Highlander Honey flavored scotch, seven people tried shots of the new offering.  Universally, they returned positive ratings for the flavored scotch from, “It’s smoother than expected,” to “it’s really good,” to “when can I buy it.”  While most regular whisky guys would not naturally gravitate to the flavored blend, they will enjoy it.  The velvety smooth spirit keeps the Scottish backbone but adds a fruity, sweet notes of honey.  While it is good at room temperature, its sweetness begs fro a few ice cubes or shaking with ice and straining into a shot glass.  It would be a good choice to start the party.

In actuality, honey flavored scotch may be a better fit than bourbon, as bourbon already has some natural sweetness.  The dryer Scotch taste blends well with the natural sweetener in the honey flavored scotch.  In addition, Stephanie Macleod, Dewar’s master blender created the mix and she is good at what she does.  She is not one to allow a cloying swill to escape her lab.  If that is your preference stick with the whipped cream flavored vodka.

Dewar’s Highlander Honey flavored scotch is not likely to replace their White Label or even the Dewar’s 18 in your regular liquor cabinet, but it will make a great addition for those times when consumers prefer a sweet treat that can lift their spirits.  The cost of a bottle is approximately $24.

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