History Of American Bourbon

History Of American BourbonThe American Whiskey Legends was among the most memorable seminars at the Tales of the Cocktail for the year 2009. The seminar paid tribute to individuals who made contributions towards the American bourbon.

Apart from discussing reasons why the American bourbon has made a comeback in today’s market, the seminar also sought to forecast the future of all American bourbon brands in the coming years. The expected breakthroughs were also highlighted.

Where does the American bourbon currently stand

In the recent years, there has been a lot of changes in what consumers are looking for in an American bourbon. According to Bill Samuels, consumers are looking for mixability, quality and affordability. American bourbon producers recognize the needs of consumers, so they have started producing liquors that meet their needs. While people in the old days used to drink only a particular brand of liquor, people are nowadays venturing into everything alcoholic.

According to Tom Bulleit, the most mixable spirits include, the American bourbon, rum and vodka. Many bars in Louisville, Kentucky are nowadays making an endless list of cocktails using the American bourbon. Just hop into any bar in the area and ask the bartender to mix you something.

While people currently appreciate bourbon as a quality spirit, it originated from the whiskey rebellion. Currently, there is a very wide range of bourbons in the market, so when you see a new American bourbon in a bar, you may want to consider giving it a shot.

How to Test Bourbons

People nowadays order whiskeys together with a coke. This simple cocktail is what has led to the under appreciation of whiskeys. There are many whiskey cocktails that are true classics. Therefore, you may want to order something else next time.

This is actually a challenge to whiskey marketers. Many distillers claim that their drinks are the best in the market in terms of quality, taste, price and distillation among other things. American bourbon distillers, however, have taken a different approach. They market bourbon in general, instead of their own brand. In fact, they encourage consumers to sample any bourbon brand they come across.

That said, the best way to take your bourbon is with a little water. Diluting American bourbon with a little bit of water helps to eliminate the alcohol bite and also opens up the whiskey.

A bourbon is generally any whiskey that is 80 proof or higher. American bourbon brands are not meant to be consumed like that. A handful of ice can be added to the whiskey and left to melt for a few minutes. Alternatively, a little bit of water can be used to open up the whiskey flavors. Even if you like taking shots, you may want to let that premium whiskey on the rocks to set for a while before consuming it.

The Future of the American Bourbon Industry

Over the years, many bourbon brands, especially from American producers have started dominating the global market. American bourbon brands have replaced the Scotch and Irish whiskeys. Other brands that were not so popular have become very popular in recent years.