Hennessy Cognac Review – Something For Every Taste

hennessy cognac reviewOne of the better-known names in the cognac business is Hennessy, whose VS bottling is one of the most popular kinds. As the youngest in their portfolio, Hennessy cognac is more affordable than other lines: it averages at around thirty dollars a bottle, which is in line with, if not less expensive than, comparable cognacs from other distributors. In basic terms, this competent spirit is reliable and good for mixing, as well as for drinking straight. Hennessy cognac is truly versatile.

Hennessy cognac may not be the most refined, but if you are looking for something in the aforementioned price-range, it is one of the best cognacs for sipping that is on the market. What is great about this Hennessy cognac’s bottling is that it is great for mixing, and can be used in almost any brandy cocktail you can come up with. Some people still may not be amenable to “wasting” $30 cognac on mixed drinks, but for some perspective, think about how much people are spending on vodka and gin these days. It might be that that argument is just outdated. In any case, the boldness of Hennessy cognac is ideal for mixed drinks because of its blendability. For just a little more, you can upgrade to Hennessy VSOP for an even better cocktail.

To start with, classic cognac cocktails are a great place to begin with your Hennessy cognac. These classics, like the Sidecar, the Japanese Cocktail, the Champagne Bowler, are all simple enough to allow your Hennessy cognac’s woody flavors to shine; the simple aspects of the mixers also work to soften the harsher elements of the cognac. This does not mean that more modern cocktails, which tend to be more complex, are not great for Hennessy cognac, too. The East Side Press is a good example of this; the spiciness of its ginger and the smoothness of the egg compliments the cognac’s complexity, creating a deep and well-balanced Hennessy cognac-based cocktail.

Tasting Notes

Hennessy VS is bold, opening with a strong-smelling woody and nutty fragrances. With its warm palate and floral notes, Hennessy VS is bold without being overpowering. Its medium-length finished is marked with a slightly spicy burn that melts into the lingering flavor of wood. Whether you want to mix drinks or take it straight, Hennessy cognac has something for every taste.

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