Hangover Remedies

Hangover remedyWhile you may have had a great time last night, this morning you awoke with a hangover.  Now what should you do.  Regardless of the other choices you make, it is important that when you wake with a hangover, you include plenty of sleep along with juice or water.  While there are many folk cures to help cure a hangover, some are more helpful than others.  Many of these supposed cures for a hangover help the body to cope by replenishing the liquid and vitamins that were lost during the night.  Others, such as avoiding caffeine are important as they speed your recovery from a hangover.  In truth, there is no one size cure that fits all hangovers.  The best thing you can do is find the hangover cure from this list as a good place to start.  Some of these are from other readers who have found their own cure for a hangover.

Sleep a Hangover Off:  Your body needs rest to recover from a hangover.  The best option is to stay in bed, so if you are expected at work call in sick and tell them you have the stomach flu.  Your voice will sound horrible so they are likely to believe you.  However, if your drinking binge responsible for the hangover was at an office party, they you should just fess up and admit you have a hangover.

Make sure your body is hydrated by drinking vegetable or fruit juice and water when you have a hangover.

Avoid caffeine with a hangover.  While a weak cup of coffee may help, a quad espresso will just make you more dehydrated, which is just what you do not need with a hangover.

Drink orange juice to increase your Vitamin C intake to reduce the effects of a hangover.

With a hangover, you should eat foods rich in minerals and protein even though you may not feel like eating due to the hangover.

The Polish suggest drinking pickle juice as a hangover cure.

Drink a Bloody Mary for a hangover.  While another shot of whiskey from the bottle next to your bed may sound like a helpful hangover remedy, the hangover relief is only temporary.  A Bloody Mary is a better choice for a hangover.  It provides a little more new alcohol so the body ignores the old that is causing the hangover and the celery and tomato juice help to replenish the vitamins to cure the hangover.  If the vodka is all gone, choose a Bloody Maria or a Virgin Mary for a hangover.

Another morning after spicy hangover cure is the Hair of a Dog, a mixture of gin and hot sauce.

A carrot and cilantro cooler is another vitamin packed hangover cure.

The Corpse Reviver is less spicy and includes one part brandy with two parts gin.

If  you wake up with a hangover head to the shower.  You will smell better and feel better after a few minutes of switching between hot and cold water.

Alka Seltzer offers a Morning Relief pill that dissolves in water and helps with a hangover.  One reader states that on the second day of a hangover she took this cure and felt fine after 15 minutes.

Exercise.  Physical activity can help you to sweat it off your hangover.  Before starting, drink a couple of liters of water.  Since you are already dehydrated, as indicated by the hangover without the additional water, your body cannot endure the heat of exercise.

Over the counter medications such as ibuprofen, Tylenol or aspirin should be avoided as the hangover will magnify their negative side effects.  Alcohol is a natural blood thinner as is aspirin and the two magnify each other’s effect.  Tylenol causes more damage to the liver.  Ibuprofen can result in kidney damage and cause the stomach to bleed.  Use any of these with caution for a hangover.

Jonathan Stewart offers advice on lending a hangover remedy in the video Hangover Remedies.  Take some time to watch the video and organize the ingredients he recommends before your night on the town.  Then you will be ready in the morning if you have a hangover.

Prepare the night before by taking an extra B complex vitamin and drinking a large amount of water before going to sleep.  You may not have a hangover once you wake up.

Irish drinkers say the cure for a hangover is to bury the individual to the neck using moist river sand.