Grand Teton Vodka – Commitment to Quality

Grand Teton VodkaThere are hundreds of thousands of different alcoholic drinks, and vodka is only one of them. One popular manufacturer has at least 700 different types in its catalog. That number doubles when a person consider the many different flavored versions of the drink that also exist.

As everyone knows, the Russians first distilled this drink. They used potatoes to do it. The fame of the drink has spread all around the world. Because it has spread around the world, there are now many people trying to make the product. Grand Teton Vodka has found a way to stand out in an overcrowded field.

What makes the Grand Teton Vodka brand stick out. Perhaps the most important element is that the employees dedicate themselves to the craft.  They make sure to handle every detail until they get it just right.

Another item that makes Grand Teton Vodka stick out is the choice of ingredients. The professional craftsman use russet potatoes that come from Idaho.  Everyone knows that Idaho produces high quality potettoes.

When someone looks at the list of the Grand Teton Vodka ingredients, they notice that the commitment to quality  does not end with the selection of potatoes. Grand Teton Vodka uses mountain spring water in order to enhance the quality.  In fact, they have chosen the name to remind people that the water used to make the product comes only from pure mountain springs.

Now, the reader may wonder how a writer knows all of this information about the product. Many of the people who are engaged in the manufacture of such products need to keep their secrets, but there are certain things they are willing to share with the public. In order for the writer to explore the qualities of Grand Teton Vodka.  After pouring the first glass, it is easy to see why this particular alcoholic beverage has caused a sensation.

Whether someone drinks it straight or decides to mix it with a cocktail or something other mixed drink, such as a screwdriver, it only takes a little bit of the drink and a lot of the other beverage to send someone to a small version of heaven. As long as he does not overdo it, he will not get a hangover or suffer the other effects of alcohol.

One of the things that separates Grand Teton vodka from many of its competitors is the base ingredient. Most vodkas use the same ingredient that serves as the base for most types of beer. The lingering flavor remains in most of the manufacturer’s drink. Grand Teton vodka skips the grain process entirely. By focusing on using only the potato, water and perhaps a few other ingredients for flavor.  The individual drinker does not need to take the word of a stranger for it, he should go try the drink for himself. Lach heim!

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