Flavored Rum Making Kit

rum making kitEven though you may enjoy drinking rum after a long day, you may not have thought about making your own flavored rum. The rum making kit is an ideal way in which to make liquor that is all your own and not like anything you will find elsewhere. You also will avoid spending a large amount of money on high quality rum in the process. You just might be able to create a drink that is on par with the best at your local liquor store, while spending only a fraction of what you would on a bottle of it. Pick up a rum making kit today.

The Red Head Oak Barrel rum making kit has a bung, stand, oak barrel, essence, and spigot included in it. Then, all you will need to put in it is the silver or unflavored rum, and you will be on your way to crafting an amazing drink. All you need to do then is sit back and relax with your drink.

Using a rum making kit for creating a great quality rum is not possible to do overnight. You must allow the rum to age for some time. Taste it often to determine if it meets your standards yet. Depending on how large the barrel is, you may have a rum that you enjoy after only a few weeks. However, you do not necessarily have to stop the process at this point. Let the bourbon age for awhile, though you need to remember to periodically rotate the barrel.  You can make s light reposada rum or even an anejo rum that is dark and delicious.  We offer several rum essence flavors such as, Coconut Rum, Jamaican Rum, Spiced Rum, Caribbean Rum and Amber Cuban Rum. You can also add your own flavors such as coffee beans, vanilla beans and other fruits to flavor your rum barrel.

You soon will learn just how affordable and easy it is to make your own rum flavors from a rum making kit. You will wonder why you always bought liquor from the store, to begin with. After all the hard work of crafting this liquor is done, sit back and enjoy a glass of it. A rum making kit would be a great gift idea, as well.