Enjoying The Mcallan Scotch Experience

Macallan Single malt scotch oak barrel agedMacallan Scotch is a superior single malt variety of scotch whiskey. There are a variety of expressions within this brand and each has its own unique characteristics. The Sherry Oak and Fine Oak varieties are among the best and they are available in age ranges spanning from 10 year old to 30 year old.

In early 2010, Macallan Scotch held a tasting event that they called, “The Mcallan Scotch Tasting Note Project”. During this event, both the 15 year old Fine Oak Mcallan Scotch and the 12 year old Sherry Oak scotches were sampled. I was greatly impressed by both of these Mcallen Scotch whiskeys, and recommend them as a staple for all scotch whiskey drinking enthusiasts.

The pros of Mcallan Scotch are that is never lets you down and it is a sipping scotch that can be easily enjoyed by all scotch drinking fans. The cons, really, are non-existent.

Description of Mcallan Scotch

The Mcallan Scotch single malt speyside is aged between 10 and 30 years in casks of Spanish and American sherry oak, both new and used. The retail price for this Mcallan Scotch is around $55 for Sherry Cask that is 12 years old and around $80 for the 15 year old Fine Oak. Both come in 750 milliliter bottles and contain 43 percent alcohol by volume or 86 proof.

The Mcallan Scotch 12 Year Old Sherry Oak and Mcallan Scotch 15 year Fine Cask Scotches

The more time I devote to sampling Mcallan Scotch, the more interested I become in exploring the complete Mcallan Scotch portfolio. My first experience with these speyside single malt scotches was with the 1824 expressions of their collection. I recently had the pleasure of tasting from the core of the Mcallan Scotch line, and I found these to be spectacular as well. In my entire sampling experience of Mcallan Scotch, I have yet to come across a bottling that has not been a pleasure in every regard.

The March 2010 Mcallan Scotch virtual tasting note project, conducted through Twitter from Austin, Texas, put both the 12 year old sherry oak, as well as the 15 year fine oak Mcallan Scotch whiskeys out for drinkers of scotch to sample. The results from this project aligned with my own Mcallan Scotch experience, and when I looked through the tweets, I came to the conclusion that these are among the most superior scotch whiskeys available.

There was a bit of dispute as to which of the two was the finest with some people preferring the spicy tones of the sherry oak and other people enjoying the subtle tones of the fine oak. For me, both are very enjoyable, and I would have a hard time ranking one of these Mcallan Scotch whiskeys over the other. Rather, which of these Mcallan Scotch types I would choose would depend on the mood and occasion where it was being consumed. Each Mcallan Scotch has its place and perfect moment for sipping and being enjoyed.

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