Does Wine Increase Desire For Sex?

Does Wine Increase Desire For SexMost people don’t need to be convinced that there is a connection between physical intimacy between partners and the usage of wine.

The headlines in the Decanter Magazine last December stated that red wine increases a woman’s libido and sexual desire. Several other studies have confirmed this research as well.

A study that was conducted by Santa Maria Nuova, a Florence hospital indicated that the consumption of 1 or 2 servings daily of wine increases desire for sex in ladies. The study involved approximated 800 Italian women between the ages of 18 and 50.

According to the research, red wine reduces inhibitions while at the same time, has a positive effect sexually. The women who consumed one or two glasses of red wine had the tendency to be more active sexually than those women who chose to abstain.

The article also indicated that dark chocolate had a similar positive outcome on women’s sexual drive. It is believed that the powerful antioxidant found in chocolate is a contributing factor. Wine is also rich in antioxidant ingredient, which experts conclude might be the correlating link between chocolate and wine. Merlot, a varietal red wine, has a taste that many wine experts describe as chocolate-like flavor.

This research implies that the women enjoying Pinot Noir in the shop just might have a reason for being a little more friendly than normal. Wine increases desire for sex in females. I don’t think it takes scientific research for most people to be convinced that wine and women is a wonderful combination. I will continue to research the subject in depth for the sake of science of course. 😉