Customizing Your Barrel

Customizing your barrel. Customizing your barrel has never been easier using our templates from our extensive catalog. Steps for custom oak barrels:

  1. Browse through the images below. (click on image to enlarge)
  2. Once you find the image you like make a note of the ID number on the image
  3. Return to your product in our online barrel store
  4. Enter the ID number (letter/number combination) in the field when choosing your product
  5. If you are choosing a personalized engraving be sure to include that information
  6. If you want a name, initials or other text engraved be sure to tell us which font to use by giving us the font name or number.  (click here to see the font list). If your text is already shown on our example then we can use the same font as our template unless you choose another one.

Note - If you choose to have an image with lots of small detail engraved on a small barrel head (1 or 2 liter) you may not be able to make out the details.

If don't see something you like here you can always upload your own image in our shopping cart. (additional cost applies)

Oak Barrel Engraving Design Catalogs

If you don't see your favorite team or other image send me an email and maybe we can get it for you.

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Engraving Fonts

Please choose from the font options below and enter the name of your choice when you check out. NOTE:  The more elaborate fonts may be harder to read from a distance when engraved on wood, especially the smaller barrels.

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