Common Bartender Terms Defined

Common Bartender Terms Defined

Age – The length of time the alcohol was stored in a barrel.

Chaser (Back) – A drink that follows a shot. Ex: Tequila with a beer chaser.

Collins – A drink made from carbonated water, gin, sugar and lemons.

Cooler – A drink made from mixing fruit juice and wine. Sometimes soda water is added for a “sparkling” effect.

Ditch – A drink made with watered down alcohol.

Double – A drink with twice the amount of alcohol.

Dry – A martini with no vermouth added.

Flamed – Drink with high proof alcohol on top, lit on fire.

Highball – A drink made from any watered down liquor and served over ice.

Mexican Style – Any drink that is topped off with tequila.

Neat – Any liquor served straight from the bottle, not chilled or over ice.

On The Rocks – A drink poured and served over ice.

Screaming – A drink topped off with vodka.

Straight – A drink that is served cold but not over ice.

Virgin  – Any drink served with no alcohol

Now you know some common bartender terms. Take the list with you next time you go out and see if you can stump the bartender, or better yet, impress your friends with all your drinking know how.

Common Bartender Terms Defined