Cigar Infusing At Home With Your Favorite Alcohol

cigar infusing alcoholCigar infusing, which means adding another flavor to the cigar, is not difficult, although it does require patience and time. Rum, Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila are Whiskey are some of the flavors used in cigar infusing. Adding flavor by cigar infusing must be a delicate balance so as not to spoil the natural flavor of the cigar that comes from the type of tobacco and the country where it was manufactured.

The infusion should not overpower the original flavor; rather, it should enhance it and the careful balance means that the cigar’s natural flavor is retained, but the new flavor is apparent too.

Using the liquor of your preference to soak your cigar infusing oak barrel is the first step in cigar infusing and you should allow the alcohol to soak for several days after pouring it inside the barrel. To ensure the alcohol reaches all parts of the barrel, rotate the barrel at an angle and turn it on its side.

Pour the alcohol out once it has permeated into all the parts of the oak barrel. It can be kept and used again later for cigar infusing if you pour it into a container.

Close the lid on your oak barrel, after placing the cigars inside it, making sure the lid is tightly sealed.

For the best cigar infusing results, leave your cigars for a week or two, and the infusion will be stronger the longer you leave the cigars in the barrel. You can take out the cigars from the cigar infusing barrel, as they are now ready to smoke, although if you want more flavor, leave them in longer.

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