Cheap Oak Barrels May Not Be Quality Oak Barrels

If you're wondering why our oak aging barrels cost more than some of the other cheap oak barrels websites let me fill you in.  I don't need to tell you why a cheap scotch or whiskey costs less than a 21 year old Macallan or a 17 year old Balvenie. You expect a higher quality drink when you spend more money.  But what about oak barrels? What's the difference between a cheap oak barrel for $25, and one that cost twice that? Here is a comparison so you can decide which is the better choice.

Read Head Oak Barrels Cheap Oak Barrels
Premium Select American White Oak Grown In The U.S. And Air Dried For Superior Aromatic ProfileMay Be American White Oak But Origins Unknown
Handmade By Multi-Generational CooperageImported From Mexico or South America
High Quality Control Standards Ensures Minimal Chance Of LeakingHigh Chance For Leakage
Food Safe Exterior Finish For Beauty AND FunctionalityUnfinished Barrels Unattractive And Varnish Finished Exterior Not Food Safe
High Quality Constructed Spigots And Bungs That LastLow Quality Constructed Spigots And Bungs That Leak
Consistent Wood Fired Medium Char Inside Each BarrelInconsistent Gas Fired Char From Barrel to Barrel
Wood is inspected for its cleanliness and tested for contaminationGet Your Vaccination
Thick Barrel Heads Last Longer And Look BetterThin Barrel Heads Soak Through And Look Bad
Made From Wood And Hoops and that’s it.Using Glue, Paint And Wax Outside Barrel Still Soaks In To Your Liquor
Support From Avid Liquor Aging Hobbyists With Blog And Video HelpFigure It Out Yourself

Don't ruin the taste of your whiskey, rum, tequila, scotch, wine or other by pouring it in a cheap oak barrel.

Red Head doesn't sell Cheap Oak Barrels but they are 100% GUARANTEED or your money back