Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum Review

Captain Morgan Black Spiced RumThe Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum was first introduced in the US market last April 2012. This wonderful addition to the Captain Morgan portfolio is a combination of the blackstrap Caribbean rum and the brand’s modified signature spice blend. This produces a very unique result that adds more character to the usual flavor of the rum. Although this may not turn out to be a typical choice of most drinkers, the Black Spiced Rum is still considered a favorite by some. Aside from this, the rum also works perfectly with dark desserts or with a tropical drink.

More Fact about Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum
The Blackstrap rums are not as common as the other types of alcoholic beverages. Most blackstraps are very tasty and have a rich and luscious after taste. Their consistency is also very thick, which is similar to molasses. However, the Captain Morgan Black rum provides an additional layer to these features that takes this drink to a whole new level.

Two of the several spices that are added to the Caribbean blackstrap rum are cassia and clove. These spices are used as the base for this drink. This is also barreled in double charred and blackened oak, which provides an additional twist to the flavor of the rum. Below are some of the details of this beverage.

• 94.6 proof or 47.3% alcohol content per volume
• Caribbean black strap rum combined with spices to add more flavor
• Has a standard retail price of $21.99 per 750 ml of bottle
• Released in the US last April 2012.

Taste Review
When I first tasted this special Captain Morgan Black rum, I have to consider my bias against rums with spices in general. Because of this, I sought the help of my close friends who loves to drink Captain Morgan in order to provide a realistic review about the black strap version. Most of my friends choose Captain Morgan in many of their mixed drinks such as Gombos and the frozen Strawberry Daiquiris. I was very lucky to have a tasting panel that is well-aware of all the brand’s products.

As soon as my panel was complete, the taste test for the Captain Morgan immediately began and the results fared very well for the rum. Most of the panel agrees that the rum taste better when mixed with ice and water. Just like most whiskies, this is a type of rum that provides better results when added with water. This also helps bring out the unique aspects of the rum and enhances the flavor of the cassia bark, vanilla, clove, notes of anise and chocolate. The rum also produces as very interesting undertone of a whiskey saturated oak that comes from charred barrels.

Now that the taste of the Captain Morgan rum in plain form is already assessed, it is time to test it with mixed drinks such as the Gombo. The Gombo is a simple combination of mixed spice rum, Mountain Dew, and orange juice. This is a perfect way to tell whether the blackstrap naturally works with citrus. The result of the taste test was unanimous. All members of the panel were in loved with the mixed drink. Although it is not a very popular combination for most drinkers, this remains a very good option for people especially those who love black strap rums and mixed drinks. The distinction between the original Captain Morgan and the black strap was very obvious with this particular drink.

Another option with this rum is using it as an alternative to whiskey. In fact, this is typically used as a whiskey alternative in most of the Captain Morgan Black recipes that are available. Some of the possible drinks that can be made in using this rum as an alternate are the Perfect Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Hot Toddy, and the High Ball. Aside from this, another very popular combination is the Dark and Stormy. This is also perfect in other dessert recipes. All in all Captain Morgan Black strap rum is indeed a very versatile drink.

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