Canadian Whiskey Is A Treat Throughout The Year

Crown Royal WhiskeyCanadian whiskey is a lighter type of whiskey in comparison to the whiskeys which are produced in other countries. There are two components to the manufacture of Canadian whiskey: the base and the flavor. In most cases the base whiskey is made from corn and this lightly flavored ingredient comprises the main portion of the whiskey. The other component of Canadian whiskey is the flavoring whiskey which is often derived from rye.

In Canada, whiskey brewers are legally allowed to call their product Canadian Rye Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, or Canadian Whiskey despite the fact that there is usually far less rye in the product than corn. American rye whiskeys have a bold and challenging taste. Canadians who drink straight American rye whiskeys are often taken aback and confused by the intense flavor of American rye whiskeys because in the United States, rye must be the main ingredient in the product.

The lighter style and taste of Canadian whiskey means it can be more appealing during the warmer months of summer when other whiskeys might be too intense. Most people like to use Canadian whiskey when they are making various mixes, drinking whiskey on ice, or mixing it with soda, but it is worth looking for some excellent kinds of Canadian whiskey that you can simply sip straight, such as the Canadian Club 30 years old, or the Crown Royal Reserve.

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