Bunratty Potcheen Irish Moonshine

Bunratty Potcheen Irish MoonshineAs I promised in a previous post I will tell you about one of the most delicious drinks I have made.  Totally on the recommendation of my “advisor”, (Also known as Eric the local liquor store owner) I wanted to try some Irish Moonshine.  This is an export only version of a moonshine made in Ireland but illegal to sell in Ireland.  Bunratty Potcheen is the name.  At 90 proof it is remarkably smooth.  I aged a bottle for about 4 weeks the first time in my 1 liter oak barrel and it came out with a nice tint and delicious taste.  Well, Eric was telling me how they make Scotch and other Irish Whiskies by aging them in sherry or whiskey barrels so he recommended putting some sherry in my oak barrel for about a week to let it soak in to the barrel staves. So I did that and then I put the Bunratty in the barrel for about 6 or 7 weeks.  It has a flavor that would rival Jameson or any other Irish whiskey. It has particular flavor and taste to it. A bit fruity on the nose. Kinda close to a raspberry. On the palette it had a hint of melon and earth combined with the vanilla from the barrel.

I say it’s like Lay’s potato chips and you can’t drink just one. Maybe it’s my irish heritage but I am a bit partial to the Irish whiskey and Scotch flavors.  I’ll have it on the rocks. I do prefer the literal cold rocks instead of ice since it chills the drink without watering it down.  Cheers!

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