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The holiday season is approaching, and with it comes the inevitable stress of buying the perfect gift for the important people in your life. You want to pick out something that shows them how much you care about them, something that says you took the time and made an effort to come up with something they would truly enjoy, and something that stands out from the ties and gift cards. If this year, you’d like to break out from the ho-hum, tried and true (but boring), consider giving those on your list something unique like a personalized whiskey barrel, a DIY Whiskey Barrel or unusual whisky gifts that will be remembered long after the holidays are over.

At Red Head Barrels, we’ve got you covered. We know alcohol – and we know that alcohol aficionados are super easy to buy gifts for! If you have someone on your gift list who enjoys liquor, we have the perfect gift for them right here. Sure, you could always just buy them a fancy bottle of alcohol – but why not take it to the next level? Let someone know they mean a lot to you by surprising them with one of these splendid and impressive personalized gifts. Whatever you decide to go with, your favorite cocktail lover will be singing your praises this holiday season and for years to come.

A DIY Whiskey Barrel

Our oak whiskey barrels are perfect for folks who love two things: liquor, and the world of DIY. These small oak barrels allow them to get more drink for less money by aging cheaper liquor into a top-shelf masterpiece in a matter of weeks. Each DIY whiskey barrel is handcrafted by a multigenerational Cooper right here in the United States using the finest American White Oak sourced from California, Missouri, or Kentucky. You can choose to engrave yours with a monogram or other symbol for a customized gift that will make a big impression. These items also make perfect corporate gifts because you can have them engraved with the company logo. Just choose the size you want, ranging from one to 20 liters, indicate what you’d like engraved on it, and you’ll have a DIY whiskey barrel that will make a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys unusual drinks and easy but fun hands-on projects. Our barrels are perfectly charred on the inside to add depth and character to the aroma of the liquor. Each DIY whiskey barrel comes with the accessories you’ll need – spigot, bung, and stand – and a free shot glass for savoring the finished product.

Engraved Bourbon Bottle Gift Set

The perfect companion to a DIY whiskey barrel or as a thoughtful gift in its own right, our Engraved Bourbon Bottle Gift Set includes a personalized bourbon/whiskey bottle, two whiskey glasses, and two bamboo coasters. These sets make unusual whisky gifts that any whiskey lover would appreciate. The Bourbon Bottle Gift Set is perfect for someone with a home bar, and its classic look will suit almost any taste or style preference. Each glass is 10.5 ounces, and the bottle holds a fifth (750 ml) of the lucky recipient’s much-loved liquor. Each piece of the five-piece set will be engraved to match, and we adjust the size of the image to fit each item perfectly. You can choose from our images, upload one of your own, or indicate the custom text you’d like engraved on your gift.

Engraved Oak Barrel Ice Bucket with Wine Glasses

If you know someone who loves wine (and who doesn’t?), give them the gift that allows them to get even more enjoyment out of their favorite beverage. An ice bucket is a perfect gift because they can use it to get their wine ready to serve and enjoy at any moment. When it’s time to relax, our stylish and unique Engraved Oak Barrel Ice Bucket and Wine Glass Gift Set is the perfect thing. This set includes a five-liter oak barrel that we’ve converted to an ice bucket, the ideal size for a bottle of wine or champagne. The ice bucket gift set is an ideal holiday gift or even a wedding or Mother’s Day present. The oak barrel ice bucket and the two glasses will have matching engraving of your choosing for a monogrammed gift that special couple on your gift list will love.

Custom Engraved Barrel Head Clock

Our custom engraved barrel head clocks make tremendous gifts for whiskey drinkers and anyone who loves unusual items – or clocks. We have three assorted styles of barrel head clocks for your selection. Our standard barrel head clock is made from the flat barrel head and is approximately 21 inches across. The quarter barrel head clock comes with an attached hoop and staves and is 21 inches in diameter and two inches in depth. The mini quarter barrel head clock has the same design as the quarter barrel head clock except that it is only about 12 inches in diameter. We can engrave any of these with an image you choose from our templates or any image or text you upload. The barrel head clock comes unfinished, but you can elect to add a high gloss finish, golden oak stain, dark walnut stain, or light oil finish. You can even add the high gloss finish over any of the stains if you’d like a custom look. Your clock will come with a wire for hanging (except the quarter barrel head, which doesn’t require a hanging wire). All you need to add is one AA battery, and you’ve got an excellent personalized gift suitable for any home or office. Especially perfect for someone with a mancave to decorate!

Silver Barrel Gift Package

This fabulous whiskey gift set for him or her is the perfect present for a drinks aficionado or hobbyists who will love this DIY whiskey barrel set that includes everything needed to experiment with tastes and flavors. Just choose the barrel size you prefer, and your recipient will have what they need to age liquor to perfection quickly and in the comfort of their own home. The Silver Barrel Gift Package comes with a personalized bourbon barrel, bourbon bottle, two whiskey glasses, six-ounce stainless-steel flask, two bamboo coasters, mini flask, and shot glass with the Red Head Barrels logo, along with a greeting card with your unique message. All items except the shot glass can be engraved with the image, monogram, or other text of your choice. This set is truly a luxurious holiday gift that someone special in your life will enjoy for years to come.

Gold Liquor Flavoring Barrel Gift Package

Looking for gifts for scotch drinkers or anyone who loves experimenting with liquor? The Gold Liquor Flavoring Barrel Gift Package makes a complete gift set for anyone who enjoys testing their own liquor recipes. This fantastic personalized gift set includes everything needed to age and flavor premium top-shelf liquors at a fraction of the cost and time of conventionally aged liquors. Engraved barrels make especially fun gifts for anyone who enjoys a rewarding hands-on project. Not only can they spend time learning about liquor, the aging process, and their own palates, but the engraving adds an intimate touch to the gift. This gift set includes an engraved DIY whiskey barrel of the size you choose; flask gift set ( one six-ounce flask, two stainless-steel shot cups, one funnel, and a gift box); engraved moonshine jug or bourbon bottle, and whiskey stone for cooling whiskey to the perfect temperature. Also included are two tall shot glasses; flavor essence of your choice; flavor enhancer of your choice; plastic funnel; and a cleaning and maintenance kit containing barrel wax, citric acid, Oxy-San, and Campden tablets. Personalize the set with an image from our collection or upload your own image or text for a custom gift that shows the recipient how important they are to you.

Ultimate Cigar Smoker and Drinker Combo Gift Set

Need a gift for someone who enjoys smoking the occasional (or frequent!) cigar with his or her drinks? Then this is the gift set for you. Cigars and a good whiskey are a natural pair, complementing each other and bringing out each other’s aromas in the best possible way. Also, there’s nothing quite like relaxing with a perfectly-aged drink and a great cigar at the end of a long day or in the middle of a lazy weekend. This stylish and sophisticated set is the perfect addition to any mancave or bar, too. Cigars can also be flavored with your preferred liquor or flavor essence for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. The set contains a two-liter DIY whiskey barrel that can be personalized; a medium cigar-infusing barrel; two bottles of flavor essence; a whiskey stone; a shot glass; a set of humidity beads; cigar tubes; and a flask case.

Liquor Flavoring Kit

Here’s something that’s both fun and useful – a liquor flavoring kit containing everything required to create perfectly aged and flavored liquors or cocktails at home. This gift set allows you to make your own whiskey, scotch, brandy, or rum in just two weeks for much less money than you’d spend at the liquor store for the same quality. Do you know someone who would love to make their own personal blend of Crown Royal or Jack Daniels? Then, our Liquor Flavoring Kit is the perfect thing to give them this holiday season. Everything you need to create deliciously aged spirits at home except the liquor itself is included in this set. A DIY whiskey barrel in the size of your choice; all the necessary accessories including bung, spigot, stand, funnel, and instructions; a Red Head shot glass, and the liquor flavor essence(s) you prefer.

Engraved Leatherette or Barrel Head Coasters

Need to give someone a small, thoughtful gift they’ll appreciate and use often? Our attractive engraved coasters are just right. The leatherette coasters have a natural rawhide color and can be engraved in black. Their distinguished appearance goes perfectly with our engraved oak barrels. The barrel head coasters are made of bamboo and designed to match our barrel heads. Choose your desired engraving to individualize these stylish coasters. You can buy coasters in pairs or choose a complete set of six (these sets include a holder). This is a great gift idea not only for Christmas but also for birthdays, Father’s Day, Groomsmen – or ‘just because.’

Barrel Head Lazy Susan Turntable

The Barrel Head Lazy Susan Turntable is a truly unique gift. This turntable is handcrafted beautifully from real reconditioned barrel heads from the best-known distilleries in the States. Bring the beauty of the distillery home to the bar or even kitchen table with our 21” engraved barrel head turntable. You can choose custom engraving and a dark walnut, golden oak, or light oil stain. We’ll also coat the turntable with a high gloss finish that protects your barrel head Lazy Susan for years. Got someone on your gift list who seemingly has everything? We’d be willing to bet they don’t have one of these!

Personalized Hot/Cold Stainless-Steel Tumbler

Sure, it would be nice if we could sip aged whiskey all day long – but sometimes, we have to drink something else. Our 30-ounce stainless-steel tumbler keeps hot beverages hot and cold ones cold for hours. These double-wall, vacuum-insulated tumblers can be engraved with the text or image of your choosing. The clear lid ensures you always know how much of your drink you have left. Engraving is black and permanent. These tumblers make coffee, ice water, or any other beverage easy to transport and help protect our environment, too. No more disposable coffee cups!

Red Head Barrels Gift Cards

A gift card is indeed the most personal gift there is – because the recipient chooses their own gift. Give your friends the freedom to pick out their own engraved oak barrels, accessories, swag, or anything else they might want from our wide variety of liquor-related products. Maybe you know someone who already has an aging barrel at home – great! Give them a gift card so they can choose from our range of flavor essences (apple brandy, cinnamon whiskey, spiced bourbon, coconut rum, Irish whiskey, spiced rum, and much more) or any replacement parts they might need.

Let Red Head Barrels be your one-stop Christmas shop when it comes to buying presents for the wine and liquor drinkers you know. They’ll be thrilled with any of our beautifully individualized liquor aging products or other items – make some selections today, then cross those names off your shopping list and sit back and relax. You’re about to be named Gift Giver of the Year!


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