Best Man Duties In Modern Weddings

Best Man DutiesWhen you’re picked by the groom to be the best man, you should start familiarizing yourself with best man duties. Standing there side by side with the groom is an honor, so you need to prepare yourself. As the best man, you will be in charge of everything on the groom’s side, and you will be expected to:

  •   Serve the groom as his adviser and personal aide during the wedding, as well as before the ceremony. On of your best man duties may also include helping him prepare and pack for the honeymoon.
  •   Among the best man duties that you should know about is taking a leadership role when it comes to buying or renting formalwear for both the groom and the groomsmen. The clothing need to match.
  •   Make plans for the bachelor party. When discharging your best man duties, you should work with other groomsmen to throw a memorable bachelor party. Those who attend the party as supposed to pick up the tab.
  •   Present yourself at the rehearsal dinner and wedding rehearsal with the groom, his bride and other attendants. This will allow you to figure out how you will walk down the aisle in that venue.
  •   Stand at the altar next to the groom and hold the bride’s ring until it’s time to hand it over to the groom. Among the best man duties, this is the most important, so get it right.
  •   Supervise the other guys to ensure that they perform their groomsmen duties properly.
  •   Sign the marriage certificate, or license, together with the maid of honor as a witness.
  •   Hand the officiant his or her fee in a sealed envelope immediately after the ceremony.
  •   Attend the reception where your presence as well as that of the maid of honor will be announced.
  •   Dance with the bride as well as the honor attendant when the time comes.
  •   Give a toast at the reception to the groom and his bride. This is the biggest and most frightening of all best man duties. You may want to do a little bit of research on how to give a toast as you prepare for the wedding; there are some cardinal rules that you must be familiar with.
  •   Take possession of any gift envelope guests bring to the wedding. You can either hold the gifts until the lovebirds return from their honeymoon or deposit the cash or checks into their bank account as soon as possible.
  •   Involve the bridesmaids and groomsmen in decorating the getaway mobile. The maids will enjoy this part.
  •   Drive the newlyweds to the airport or wedding-night hotel after the reception. It is important that you stay sober for this task. If you get drunk, be sure to hire a limo driver.
  • Be sure to enjoy yourself when discharging your best man duties because the event will be over in just a couple of hours. After all, you should be happy for your best friend.

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