The 7 Best Irish Whiskey Brands For Your Man Cave (+ prices)


Let’s face it: we all need a man cave.

There’s nothing quite like having a room to yourself to sprawl out, watch the big game, and lie around in your filth.

Your man cave might have a big screen TV and a leather sofa. But no man cave is complete without good whiskey.

Irish whiskey is second only to beer in must-have beverages for men. In fact, leading brands sold $2.27 billion of whiskey in the U.S. in 2017.

But what is the best whiskey to buy? How can you separate the good whiskey from the bad?

We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the 7 best types of Irish whiskey to stock up your man cave right.

1. Bushmills Original

No list of quintessential Irish whiskey is complete without Bushmills.

Bushmills has provided the world with some of the best whiskey for more than 300 years. Located in Northern Ireland, Bushmills whiskey distillery has been continuously operating since 1784.

Behind Bushmills longevity is a classic recipe that’s remained untouched for hundreds of years. Bushmills uses pot-stilled barley and grain, which brings forth a lighter flavor with a strong kick.

Bushmills grain and malt whiskey is a great option for whiskey on the rocks, cocktails, and even shots. It’s an easily drinkable whiskey that has withstood the test of time.

You can purchase a 750ml bottle of Bushmills for about $40.

2. Bushmills Black Bush

There’s no denying that Bushmills is a staple for the common man cave. But what if you want to take the next step? You can opt for Bushmills Black Bush instead.

Bushmills Black Bush is some of the best Irish whiskey on the market. Yes, it’s slightly more expensive than Bushmills Original. You can purchase a 750ml bottle for roughly $50.

But Black Bush is worth the extra charge. This heavy malt and low grain whiskey packs a flavorful punch. It’s sweet, smooth, and has an earthy undertone.

The finish, on the other hand, emits sherry notes and wood. It’s an ideal whiskey to sip on whether on the rocks or straight up. Black Bush is smooth, flavorful, and endlessly pleasing.

3. Jameson Original

It’s hard to find any man cave that isn’t home to Jameson Original.

Jameson Original is perhaps the most popular Irish whiskey on this list. You’re probably already familiar with its iconic green bottle.

That’s because Jameson Original is a good whiskey for beginners. It’s a light, subtle whiskey that goes easy on the palette.

It may be a beginner whiskey, but Jameson is still a go-to whiskey for any drinker. It has a quick finish but its packed with heat. You can add a bottle of this delicious whiskey to your collection for about $40.

The mild flavors make Jameson a great option to sip on. However, you can add mix it with ginger ale to enjoy a refreshing boozy cocktail.

4. Redbreast 12

Are you looking for a strong whiskey? Add Redbreast 12 to your collection.

Redbreast is a classic Irish whiskey that hails from Dublin. In fact, it was so successful that the producers of Jameson purchased Redbreast in the 1980s.

Why is Redbreast so popular? It’s famous for packing a spicy punch. One sip of Redbreast comes with a number of flavors like oak and allspice.

The iconic Redbreast “Christmas cake character” comes from Oloroso sherry casks. That’s why you’ll experience flavors like apple, honey, and pear.

Another reason Redbreast is popular: It’s strong. This bold whiskey brings forth a strong finish and intense experience. Redbreast 12 runs about $55 per bottle.

You can also opt for the cask-strength version. This award-winning version of Redbreast is a stronger (and more expensive) edition. This 57 percent alcohol whiskey pairs well with water.

5. Kilbeggan Blend Irish Whiskey

Have you heard of Cooley’s Greenore whiskey? What about Tyrconnell whiskey?

Both of these whiskeys draw admiration in their own right. But they don’t quite stack up to the Kilbeggan Blend Irish Whiskey.

The Kilbeggan Blend is a combination of both Cooley Greenore and Tyrconnell. Greenore, a high proof corn whiskey, pairs well with the light and sweet Tyrconell.

Kilbeggan Blend is a starter whiskey that’s great for first-time drinkers. It’s also a tasty and affordable option for anyone looking to explore a new type of whiskey. You can purchase Kilbeggan Blend for about $30.

6. Yellow Spot 12 Year

Do you have a non-whiskey drinker in your group? You don’t have to offer them beer in your man cave. Try giving them Yellow Spot 12 Year instead.

Yellow Spot 12 year is an amazingly smooth and mild whiskey. This smooth, silky, rich whiskey has converted many non-whisker drinkers into Yellow Spot loyalists.

Yellow Spot is a single pot still Irish whiskey. It’s matured in several different casks, including Spanish sherry, Spanish Malaga, and American bourbon. The result is a deep and rich flavor that is soft on the palate.

Yellow Spot is a close brother of Green Spot. It still carries the signature graininess of Green Spot but adds a layer of maturity and richness. Yellow Spot 750ml bottles are available for about $100, while Green Spot runs for about half the price.

7. Egan’s Vintage Grain

Egan’s Vintage Grain is the newest whiskey on this list. This single grain whiskey hit the marketplace in 2017.

What it lacks in age, however, it makes up for in style. Egan’s Vintage Grain can hang with the best and oldest whiskey brands.

This 8-year-old whiskey matures in ex-bourbon barrels. It packs an above average 46 percent alcohol by volume. The single grain style makes for a light and refreshing whiskey.

It almost resembles an American bourbon more than a classic Irish whiskey. This easy whiskey is endlessly drinkable. It’s a great option if you’re looking for two (or three) glasses in one sitting.

Your Whiskey

There’s no shortage of whiskeys to choose from.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed. Use this list as a guide to stock up your man cave and enjoy refreshing beverages for years to come.

Are you looking to store your whiskey? We can help. Check out our oak barrels to bring new flavors to your old whiskey.

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