Best Gifts For Men Roll Out The Barrel For Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Best Gifts For Men 2018 Red Head Oak Barrels

When you’re looking for the best gifts for men around the holiday season, you want to find something different but useful, that special item that is memorable but will also stand out. It is hard to decide when there are so many things to choose from and everyone can get just about anything they truly want with a voice command or mouse click.

Your job as a thoughtful gift-giver is to think of a holiday present your recipient can’t even fathom. Something they wouldn’t even think to search for on the Internet because they don’t even know it is something to have. Think: wooden barrels. Not just any wooden barrels, but ones handcrafted by genuine Coopers using White American Oak grown here in the United States.

You might be thinking there aren’t many personal uses for wooden oak barrels, especially when looking for the best gifts for men. Guess again. At Red Head Barrels, we have a large variety of holiday gifts, from decorative and personalized items to whiskey making kits and decanters. Whiskey barrels are super functional and make great conversation pieces.

At Red Head Barrels, we have many varieties of whiskey barrels for sale, from smaller one- and two- liter varieties that fit nicely on a small bar or counter, to sizes up to 20 liters. All of our oak barrels for sale are made by hand and can be customized for any occasion.

Our barrels also come infused with flavors, like tequila, rum and whiskey. Instead of curing the barrel with water, we use your choice of spirits. Your infused barrel can then be used to age the spirit, wine or beer of your choice for an interesting variety of flavor notes.

We have plenty of recipes online and videos offering plenty of useful hints and tips.

Think Liquor DIY When You Need Great Gifts For Men

Giving the gift of a whiskey barrel is like giving a gift that keeps giving into the future. Bottom shelf whiskey ages to top shelf quality in a small barrel in just mere weeks. Red Head Barrels sells handmade oak barrels specially designed for aging and mellowing rum, whiskey, bourbon, tequila, brandy, wine—even vodka and beer.

A good portion of a whiskey’s gusto comes from the barrel it ages in. Other liquors as well as beer and wine, also benefit from American oak’s flavor notes. Lignin in the wood adds vanillin and lactones give rise to a buttery, coconut flavor. American oak has a high concentration of lactones. It’s this strong presence of coconut-like essence that lets you know a spirit was aged in American oak.

By way of example, our 1-liter barrel will age Crown Royal to Crown Reserve in about two weeks. Add the gift of Red Head Barrels infusion kits or an infused barrel, and you can give great gifts for men that allows them to experiment in all kinds of ways.

At Red Head Barrels, we have genuine White American Oak barrels in sizes ranging from 1 to 20 liters. Here are a few reasons why liquor ages better in our smaller barrels:

  • It’s fast. It takes under two months on average to age 750ml of liquor or wine. You can start tasting at 14 days (especially in the beginning) and call it finished when you say so!
  • It’s flavorful. The increased proportion of the interior barrel surface area to stored volume makes for strong favor notes of vanilla, spice and oak in a short time.
  • It’s flexible. The small volume makes it perfect for experimenting with new flavors and infusions without committing to a large quantity.
  • It’s practical. When you don’t want a large volume of one particular liquor or wine hanging around, the one-liter size is the perfect solution.

It’s portable. The small size makes it easy to move from your bar to kitchen counter and its compact enough to accommodate the crowdest of spaces.

Need Great Gifts For Men? Give Him Silver & Gold (Barrels)

Well, not exactly. Our barrels are not literally silver and gold. They are always handcrafted from genuine White American Oak and look as original and rustic as the trees growing in forests across California, Missouri and Kentucky. In fact, when you’re done making top shelf liquor or wine in our barrels, they make beautiful decorations and conversation pieces and when engraved make lifelong keepsakes or heirlooms.

The process of barrel-charring—how much it has been burned, how long it has been charred—really affects the flavor of the spirit. You’ll get stronger flavors with heavily charred barrels and sweeter flavors with lightly toasted ones, the chemical process and the breakdown of the tannin, vanillin, lignin compounds found in oak gives the spirit its color. Other factors that affect the quality of the spirit include time—the longer a spirit is kept in a barrel, the drier it becomes—and temperature. At Red Head Barrels, we’ve use a medium char, which we found works best.

The gift packages include a flask gift set so they can take a little of their barrel aged liquor on the go. We will engrave the stainless steel flask with the same image or text you choose for the barrel and you can even upgrade to the leather wrapped flask if you like.

We will also include two of our tall shot glasses and a flavor enhancer of your choice.

Resized Christmas

Here are a few of our bestselling barrel packages to consider when you’re looking for the best gifts for men in your life.

  • 5 Liter Gold: You can give him everything he needs to make plenty of top shelf liquor with our 5-Liter Gold package. Aside from a 5-liter whiskey barrel, this package comes with a glass bourbon bottle and whisky glasses as well as coasters, flask, shot glasses, 750ml Bourbon bottle, whiskey stone for chilling your drink, two tall shot glasses, funnel, maintenance kit, flavor kit and more. The whiskey stone is perfect for chilling barrel-aged drinks to the perfect temperature, opening up the flavors.
  • 3 Liter Gold: This packages comes with the same items as the Gold Package, but with our smaller 3-liter barrel.
  • 5 Liter Silver: You get our 5-Liter Barrel, along with a bourbon bottle, two whiskey glasses and coasters, a mini flask, a stainless steel flask and a Red Head logo shot glass.
  • 3 Liter Silver: You get everything that comes with the 5 Liter Silver Package, except with a 3 liter barrel.

For engraving, you can choose a font from our list of options and if desired, we will even send you a proof to approve before we engrave any customized images. You can also upload your own personal image if you have one (extra costs apply). If you are in a hurry you can expedite your order and it ships out within 24 hours.

Great Gifts For Men Start With Bourbon

Bourbon is buzzing, especially among millennials, with production up over 275 percent since 1999 and is at its highest level since 1972. What makes bourbon especially unique is in the details. Federal law says bourbon—now one of the most popular forms of whiskey—must be produced in the U.S. and made from at least 51 percent corn. Kentucky, the birthplace of bourbon, produces 95 percent of the world’s bourbon supply.

But you can give the fabulous gift of bourbon making when you’re looking for the best gifts for men in your life who already have everything—or really love whiskey. At Red Head Barrels, we have diverse types of bourbon flavor making kits in all barrel sizes. Straight Bourbon, Blended Bourbon and Sour Mash Bourbon—yep, you can make that!

Each of our barrel kits comes with a barrel stand, bung, spigot, paper funnel, instruction card,

Red Head Barrel logo shot glass and bottles of the bourbon flavored essence of your choice (numbers of essence bottles depends on the size of the barrel ordered). You can use the oak barrel over and over again for years. Just get extra essence bottles to make multiple batches.

Here is a look at the bourbon barrel kits we have that are the best gifts for men:

  • 1 Liter: A 750ml bottle of the liquor of your choice and 1 bottle of our bourbon essence and you will have a top shelf drink in weeks.
  • 2 Liter: Our bestselling barrel size. The barrel adds 100% of the color and over 50% of the flavor to your batch.Resized Christmas
  • 3 Liter: Depending on the price of the vodka or grain alcohol you start with, you can make bourbon flavored bootleg and save a half your money and still drink well.
  • 5 Liter: All Red Head Oak Barrels are 100% guaranteed or your money back.
  • 10 Liter: Spirits aged in wooden barrels take on some characteristics from the American White Oak such as the vanillin and wood tannins. As the barrel “breathes” the alcohol passes back and forth through the charring causing the impurities to be filtered out into the wood leaving you with a smoother end result.
  • 20 Liter: Makes a little over 5 gallons of bourbon–or almost anything! Whiskey, scotch, tequila, rum, cognac/brandy, port, sherry and dry wines, beer, hot sauce, balsamic vinegar, barbeque sauce and more!

Other Ways Barrels Make Great Gifts For Men

Even if you’re not sure the men in your life would want to make their own spirits, there are plenty of other uses for our handcrafted American White Oak barrels. In fact, the women in your life might enjoy a wooden barrel, if not for aging spirits, then for many other reasons.

Gift giving is hard, especially around the holiday season. It is not easy to come up with ideas that are thoroughly unique but also useful. When you need the best gifts for men—or anyone for that matter—check out some of these great ideas:

  • Kombucha Barrels. Try a barrel for your next batch of kombucha and you’ll be surprised at how much stronger and tastier it is.
  • Pickle & Hot Sauce Barrels. Chefs and gourmands have been elevating the flavors of pickles and hot sauces for years—now you can too.
  • Cigar Barrels. Our cigar barrels can be soaked with your favorite liquid to infuse your pipe tobacco, cigar or even a pack of cigarettes.
  • Personalized Barrels. Any of our barrels can be engraved for any occasion and make great gifts.
  • Decorative Barrels. We have ice buckets, vases and even man cave decor.
  • Home Theater Personalized Quarter Barrel Head: This home theater sign is made from a quarter barrel and will look great in your recreation room or media room. The vintage design is personalized and hand painted.
  • Barrel Mugs: Each wooden oak barrel mug is handmade from authentic full size used oak barrels that were used to age, tequila, bourbon, whiskey or scotch. It’s a miniature version of a full size oak barrel, and it’s even charred on the inside and coated it with a waterproof beeswax finish.

Red Head Barrels Gift Cards

If you’re really not sure what to get and you have to find the best gifts for men, you can’t go wrong if you let them choose their own gift. Give your friends the freedom to pick out their own engraved oak barrels, accessories, swag, or anything else they might want from our wide variety of liquor-related products.

If you know someone who already has an aging barrel at home, they can use a gift card for any of our flavor essences (apple brandy, cinnamon whiskey, spiced bourbon, coconut rum, Irish whiskey, spiced rum, and much more), replacement parts or accessories.

Let Red Head Barrels be your one-stop holiday shop when it comes to buying presents for the wine, liquor and beer drinkers in your life. They will be thrilled with any one of our unique and stylish liquor aging products or other gift items.

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