Becoming Acquainted With Barrel Aged Cigars

oak barrel cigar barrel

In 1903, Don Edardo Leon Jimenes founded the first cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. It still operates as the country’s oldest factory and produces multiple cigar lines including Aurora Barrel Aged cigars. The company uses oak barrels filled with rum to age each cigar. They also utilize filler from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua as well as a Corojo Oscuro Dominican wrapper.

Jose Blanco from the La Aurora factory introduced barrel aged cigars in 2007. There are multiple varieties including the Aurora Barrel Aged Number 4 which is a convenient corona size and has an outstanding flavor.

While barrel aged cigars come in a multitude of flavors and sizes, the No. 4 boasts a subtle sweet yet oak flavor with each draw. Although these types of cigars are aged in rum barrels, they do not carry the taste of rum at all. The aging process is unique and allows the natural flavors of the cigar to flourish. The flavor intensity decreases after about 20 minutes of smoke time, converting the smoke to a more medium level. Beginners to cigar smoking make find the taste too strong so this particular smoke should be enjoyed by more experienced cigar lovers. This is true for most barrel aged cigars.

The initial draw seems to be almost too tight, perhaps a bit too firm for most people’s tastes.  This also limited the volume of smoke causing it to be less than expected. The appeal for cigar smoking is the relaxation that it can provide. However, if the draw is too hard or an extreme amount of puffing is required,  the enjoyment can be erased. Barrel aged cigars also vary in burn time but the No. 4 can last an impressive 40-60 minutes. It also seems to burn quite evenly which is a nice feature for any cigar.

The value and overall cost of barrel aged cigars can depend on where you purchase them. For example, online the Aurora Barrel Aged No.4’s cost around $105.00 to $125.00 dollars. There are sites that offer discounts or specials and a pack of five cigars may cost close to $25.00. This $5.00 a cigar average makes this choice a reasonable value for those individuals who have been smoking cigars for a period of time. It is advisable to purchase or try a single cigar first before buying a box due to the unique flavor of barrel aged cigars. While quite flavorful, they may not be for every smoker.

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